A Stunningly Cinematic Reason To Be Excited About Max Payne 3

Not having played a Max Payne game in years, I'd forgotten why I enjoyed the original entries in Rockstar's third-person shooter series so much. Then this cinematic and special effects trailer for Max Payne 3 reminded me; it's not about the story, but how the story is told.

This unique mixture of Hollywood magic and comic book sensibilities has been the hallmark of the Max Payne franchise since the first game hit the PC way back in 2001. The bullet-time feature caught my attention, but that sexy cinematic style is what kept me playing. Without it, Max Payne is just another third-person shooter.

Thankfully it looks like Rockstar is doing a fine job of building upon the strong foundation created by the first two games, crafting a truly cinematic experience that bleeds in and out of actual gameplay in seamless fashion.

Now I'm excited all over again.


    Max Payne 3 or... Diablo 3 on May 15th?

    What a dilemma for Rockstar with announcing the same release date as Blizzards D3.

    Wow. I love this style of videos. Can't wait, Rockstar.

      They did this for RDR as well. I like how it's part infomercial haha

    OK, Im definitely sold. In-game cutscenes that seemlessly meld from/into gameplay always gets a thumbs up from me

    That was... pointless. Instead of doing proper comic panels, you're just doing these lame screen shot panels which just show you exactly what we're watching in the real time panel? With intermittent text pop up that looks like it belongs in a commercial and jarring camera filters? It looks awful, just do a normal cut-scenes if you're not going to even attempt comic panels. Jeez

    max boner

    Getting increasingly jazzed for this! Almost regretting not getting the Ltd Ed when it was available! :)

    Man this looks good. Not only do I hope it lives up to the previous two but I also hope it doesn't get banned here :/

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