A Weekend Of Free Star Wars: The Old Republic Begins Tomorrow

BioWare has announced another free weekend for Star Wars: The Old Republic, where players will be able to sign up and play for free for a four-day period.

The free trial commences March 22 (this may not kick in until the evening Australian time) and is only open to those who have not previously participated in a free trial of the game.

During the trial, all server types will be available, although there are a few other restrictions. For example, a Weekend Pass Free Trial character cannot exceed level 15, they will only be able to play on their Origin World, Capital World, the Fleet, all Warzones and their first Flashpoint, and they will not be able to use general chat, trade chat, or PVP chat.

To sign up for the free trial, visit the Weekend Pass Free Trial site.


    Oh good, I'm glad I gave the free trial a go less than a week ago....

    Before anyone says "Trololol this mmo is failing, a free weekend already," I feel that I should point out that COD MW3 had a free weekend 3 months after it came out too.

      Why would anyone say that? Its a smart move on their behalf, to give sceptics a chance to try the game before they are forced to throw down their cold hard earned cash. Its a welcome move that all publishers should be making. I can tell you I've made at least 6 of my purchases within the last 12 months, were a result of me actually trialling the game on a free weekend.

      If anything it invokes a sense of credibility that a publisher is confident enough to let people give their product a quality test run rather than drop money on it only to realise you just bought a steaming pile of faeces.

        "Why would anyone say that?" To which I'll respond by saying "This is the internet." :P
        I agree with everything else you said though :)

          Lol, we need more efficient troll traps, maybe some banana peels, they should be adequately stupid enough to slip on them.

    I would recommend people try it out for themselves. It may be just what they are looking for. Unfortunately I found it to same old. Essentially WoW in space with voices. Could be a great game in a year or so by the time they have got things sorted out.

    Be aware it's a 27GB download so you may want to create your account and start downloading today, so that you can actually get some game time in.

    Oh and if you decide it's worth the purchase like I did, then just be forewarned - it took me 36 hours from entering my credit card details on the origin store to being able to play the game, when all I needed from them was to take my money and send me an email containing an activation key. Most pathetic online purchasing experience I've ever had.

      Is it back to 27GB now? When I played the final Beta it was down to 18GB and they said it would stay that size for release.

        I think it is only sub 20Gb download unless you install the test servers

    Has anyone else realised how this "Free Weekend" has been arranged to coincide with the Guild Wars 2 Beta weekend this week? I doubt its coincidence, sounds more like an elaborate attempt to minimise Beta participant numbers by offering up some SWTOR.

      Its a smart business move, I don't see any problem with it at all.

        Never said it was a problem. :) was merely just pointing it out :)

    I have been playing the game with my clan since release and still enjoy the hell out of it. The new content they have lined up looks great. I strongly suggest people give it a go. It's best to play it with clanmates, it's a game that's meant to be played in a group.

    I played it this weekend that just passed, I'm not a fan of the quest system and the combat seems...awkward...the cut scene quests can also be boring and annoying (yes I know you can skip) back to WoW...bring on Guild Wars 2!!

    Take note - last free weekend it took me about 22 hours to download the client since the hosting servers get smashed. Get started early if you intend to try it out.

    SWTOR is awesome! Jedi Scum getting chopped up!!! Sith FTW!

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