Bit Of War, A De-Made God Of War, Is Now Available And Free

It took more than five years, but Bit of War, which is God of War reduced to an 8-bit style platformer, is finally out, and it's available for the low, low price of zilch.

Holmade Games, the shop responsible for this, said the project has been going on in some form since 2007, and that this year everyone working on it "made a New Year's resolution to put everything else aside and give it the love it deserved and complete it."

You can get a sense of the gameplay in that video, but if you have a PC, you can just go download it now. (Mac owners are outta luck, so tell me how it looks.)

God of War 8-Bit Demake Waging War on PCs for Free [Armless Octopus]

Bit of War [Holmade Games]


    Reminds me of those 2D GoW games for mobile phones...

    that looks horrible, then again its free

    5 years! Its just an Castlevania rip...

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