Community Review: How Bout That God Of War PC Port Though?

Community Review: How Bout That God Of War PC Port Though?

Welcome back to Community Review, friends. This week, let’s talk about God of War on PC, shall we?

PlayStation has had a bit of a hard time with its PC ports. Horizon didn’t perform well at all when it first arrived on PC. Days Gone had a few lumps and bumps on arrival but was in much better shape overall. God of War suffers none of these teething problems and arrives on the PC ready to go.

I spent some time with the game last week, and a bit more over the weekend, and I’m honestly quite impressed. I installed the game on two different PCs of wildly varied spec and had a flawless experience on both. I’ve also seen reports of players getting it to run on far older hardware than my own desktop, which only further highlights its level of optimisation.

I’m very excited to watch the Digital Foundry review, I’ll tell you that much.

I hope this is the new calibre of Sony’s PC ports moving forward because games this good deserve this kind of careful treatment. Further, the audience that hasn’t been able to play or access them due to exclusivity, deserves to play them in the best possible state.

Did you get to play it? How did it run on your PC? And, if you’ve never played it before, what did you think? Did it live up to the hype?

Let us know in the comments below.


  • Playing through it again on 2nd to hardest difficulty (tried hardest but it was more annoying than fun, got up to a part where there were two revenants who could one shot you and just went yeah nah, and started again). Really enjoying the game even though this is my second play through. My system is a 5900x / 3090 with a 4k monitor so I keep rotating between Ultra Graphics 4k with DLSS off and on. With it off getting around 70 – 80 fps average with occsaional dips, with it on its around 100 but I SWEAR with DLSS on there’s something off (to my eye anyways) with the graphics not looking as crisp, so I always turn it back to native 4k.

    Only encountered one bug when you see the deer statue and have to pull the leave to make the rune word appear for Atreus. He acknowledged the answer and then just stood there not doing anything with Kratos stuck on the lever. Had to load a few times for this bug to move past this moment. Other than that, been flawless.

  • I’d be down if I hadn’t already sunk too many hours in the playstation version. Higher difficult levels are pretty unfair imo. The fun is at normal or 1 step up only.
    Great game but my time with it is done until just before the sequel is released. Then I’ll dip in for one more experience.

  • I’ve never played a God of War game before but picked up a cheap copy for PC. I’ve played a few hours and it’s been fun and seems to run very well (90-130fps) on my 2080 super at 1440p ultra with DLSS set to quality.

    A few things that would be better would be using the correct terminology for Xbox controllers. It says to press R3 but that is usually called RS for Xbox.

    You also can’t remap controller buttons to exactly how you want. I don’t want dodge on A when every other game uses dodge on B etc.

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