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Sorry guys, today is one of those annoying days where I have to write Community Kudos as a result of a massive office meeting, meaning I may have missed some of your precious, precious noms. If I missed yours, please accept my heartfelt apologies.

Today was a fun day when I got the chance to try and write like a seven (and a half) year old. I had a lot of fun. Thanks for not calling me a total idiot everyone! That's my nomination — everyone for not thinking I'm a complete idiot.

First off, I want to say that this is my favourite nomination of the week...

This week I'm going to nominate the entire Kotaku community, TAY and not, for just being awesome as an average. Can I do that? Of course I can. Shut up. It's my nom, I'll do what I want.

Thanks Freeze, that made me chuckle.

If Strange is the Queen of the noms, then Zap is slowly becoming the King (not of Kotaku though, we can't wrestle the crown from Chuloopa just yet). The almighty Zap dropped by with some noms once again this week. Thanks for the continued support old bean!

His noms were:

— Shane, for awesome stories. — Harli, for lots of detailed input and impressions on the whole "professional fighter was an idiot" story — Strange for Strange — Trjn: yay politics! Also; yay decent politics discussions! — Freeze, for sharing his awesome hot sauce recipe.


Dire Wolf claims he broke TAY, but I'm not so sure — I don't think it was an individual post, because that's usually an easy fix. But regardless Dire Wolf wanted to nominate everyone as an apology for 'breaking' TAY. He also nommed Bish for his 'awesome' jokes!

And finally, of course, came the Strange one, who nominated Rocketman for his talent of diffusing tension with a well time joke or three. Whaddaguy!

Winner? This week? Man it could be anyone, and I kind of hate to choose since there's no completely definitive standout person who received multiple noms...

You know what — I'm going to give it to Freeze. There you go! Congratulations Freeze!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used for Community Kudos –- you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Ours is a forbidden love.

      It's Mardi Gras tonight it should be fine ;)

    Yay for Freezy McFreezerson! Bring us some hot sauce for Welbot's Pizza/Housewarming/Dance-off Meat! Err, please. :D

      Motion seconded.

    I honestly don't even get how Community Kudos even works :P

      You email Mark and tell him about people who did stuff in comments / TAY that do things you like and then he tells everyone about it in Kudos every week.

        TAY sucks for the one reason that I get there and there's already 3,000+ comments...

          Jump in and say hi anyway. You don't have to keep up with everything. Only Blaghman does that, because he's the only one with an almost infinite amount of spare time

          Start at 8:30 on a Monday morning, it's easier if you're there from the beginning. :)

          Join in the current discussion, or start a new one. There's no need to read all the previous pages :). I joined TAY early this year and the TAYbies are an awesome bunch of people!

          In general, conversations mostly happen on the most recent page. So just click through to the end and jump in. Sometimes you'll find people using @replies on the latest page which will refer to previous discussions. I find that if I don't understand what people are talking about, I'll skim past it, and read the next thread.

          I don't have that much time for TAY, so my contributions are usually limited to a few comments each week. And I definitely don't feel like a crucial part of the community. However, they are all nice, intelligent people, so I never feel like my brief strolls through TAY are time wasted.

    Argh, I was late. I had a nom for Freeze as well, so I'm vindicated. Also for Lambo, Bish, Greenius, Powalen for the chain of ocean puns. So much fun, it went rather swimmingly don't you think?

    Also a nom for Trjn just because.

    Anyway, congrats Freeze

      I'm going to have to start being more of a dick again if people keep throwing nominations my way :p


    I love the tags more and more every week.

    Well done Freeze!

    Gratz Freeze!

    I hope that chocolate was delicious, Marky Mark.


    Yep, you missed mine Mark (though I did email it to Tracey) so you're forgiven!

    Mine was for Freeze anyway, for his awesome generosity of giving me a lift to & from Soundwave! So glad he won \o/

    Grats brah!

    Hey, wait.
    Why is the word awesome in single quotation marks?


    Can I nominate my workplace for an anti-Kudos, because they're being internet nazis, which stops me from posting in TAY as often as I'd like?

    Yep.. you missed my nom.. I did via twitter though, so I'm not surprised! It was also for myself, and was more so a joke than anything, so no biggie ;)

    Yay Freeze though! awesome work sire! Looking forward to meeting you at my meat soon!

    Cooongratulations. I should really start sending in kudos more regularly. I think I've only done it once. :P

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