Crytek's New Shooter Is Waging Class Warfare

This is Warfare. You may remember, it's an upcoming multiplayer shooter from Crytek. But it's not Crytek Germany. It's Crytek Korea. Which explains the wonderfully bombastic trailer.


    Certainly interesting, was wondering how this would be any different from Battlefield, then the mech showed up..

      lol same, at first I was all "Meh... BF clone" and then the mech and im all "...ooh shiny!"

    Jesus, at least get the name of the game right.

    lame. unoriginal. boring. rock music.

    I played the closed beta in China. Pretty fun co-op missions, better than what other f2p shooters have that's for sure.

    Sorry I couldn't hear you say it was a BF clone over the sound of me fapping!

    Luke do you realise its called "WARFACE" in the clip? Not Warfare...

    Hello F2P replacement for BF2142. (keeping an eye on this one)

    Meh, its basically call of duty: special mech edition.

    It's interesting to see all these F2P FPS games coming out, i wonder if it will do anything to the flag ships, or if F2P will lead more people to play it.

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