Game Informer Accidentally Leaks Another Assassin's Creed III Image

Only a few hours after we gave you the first look at what's likely to be Assassin's Creed III's new hero, website Game Informer appears to have accidentally displayed an image all but confirming its legitimacy.

The image, which has since been pulled down (but which was first captured and then uploaded by NeoGAF users), shows the same character in our image from yesterday (though he's looking a lot younger), in the same hood design, along with another shot of an assassin tapping George Washington on the shoulder.

Hey, George. What's up.

(OK, he's not really tapping, it looks more like he's pointing the way across the Delaware).

Given the proximity to yesterday's leak and the fact it's pointing towards a "hub", Game Informer's usual means of highlighting content ties to a particularly big exclusive, all signs are indeed pointing to a big reveal for the game in the coming days. If not sooner.

Bear in mind, though, none of this - including the image here - is confirmed as being authentic, so exercise a pinch of caution.

[via NeoGAF]


    Cant say I find it that exciting if it is, Since I'm not American I couldn't really care about the location.

      Are you from Jerusalem or Rome?

        What's the ratio of games set in Jerusalem or Rome to games set in the US. I'd say the majority of non-Americans are pretty tired of American patriotism in and out of games.

          Considering the interpretation of historic power struggles in the series thus far, I doubt very much that whatever path it should end up taking that it's going to be another example of blind American patriotism (of the like so espoused in the various war shooters).

          I cant say the Revolutionary War is the most appealing time period for me either (although the same time period somewhere like France could be interesting), but I'm content to wait and see.

          I'm Australian and I couldn't be more excited for a game set in this location and era. America has a lot of young history behind it and sets itself up for a gameplay change of some sorts. Two ezio games were more than enough let alonerevelations for the third

          American patriotism from a Canada based French owned studio?

    The bow looks like it's American Indian, quite interesting...
    Also the location links the Ezio or Altair bloodline(s) to Desmond Miles living in America...

    I'm doubting that it's fake now. It's just too similar to the original, and the full image doesn't seem like fanart.

    I really hope they don't screw this up.

    Considering that what they are trying to currently find is hidden in the US, it makes perfect sense for the game to be set in the US.

    The setting was obvious from the start.

    What i take from this is game informer have ac3 content and its early march AC3 cover of march issue game informer? cant wait for.myn in mail

    Drat. Fingers crossed they can pull it off. Revelations was disappointing and I hope the series has not lost itself completely.

      Glad I'm not the only one who was disappointed with it... I love the AC series but found revelations a bit boring and for the first time, the ending really confused me and left me feeling, "--the fuck?".

    The only thing I don't get with this is the hood, were the Native American's big on hoods?

    Also What the Hell is going on with Brotherhood (360) the Multiplayer doesn't seem to work any more?

    Seriously? American Revolution? Or is it early colonial years? Either way. Ergh.

    Maybe the american revolution is only part of the whole game, like the end of it. Maybe in AC3 you travel the world looking for a specific artefact/ templer

    Well, there goes AC3 set in feudal japan out the window.... sigh.


    Quick, cue the blind disdain and/or hatred of this game, due to the fact it involves anything American!!

      The series up till now has had a philosophy that they only use settings that rarely appear in media. The main thing I've seen people complain about is that the American revolution is just far too overused rather than any particular "Americanz r lame lol!!!11" attitude.

        How is the American Revolution overused in video games? I've only ever played ONE game that took place during the Revolutionary War. (Empire: Total War) Aside from a couple of other war games that most people reading Kotaku probably never played, I can't even think of another game with that setting.

          Notice the use of the words "media" and "fiction". It's not just games, there are countless movies, tv shows and books that happen around that period. That was what was so smart about setting things in the crusades and renaissance italy, you hardly ever see anything set then. But the American revolution is just one step below WW2 in terms of clichéd settings.

    This isnt going to be the last Ac
    They just wanna finish Desmonds story first - Y'now - get some closure.

    Hey, did anyone look at the AC Facebook page recently? Pretty sure that'll confirm the story...

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