Infinity Blade II Running On iPad 2 And iPad ‘3’

Infinity Blade II Running On iPad 2 And iPad ‘3’

We’ve seen what top iPad game Infinity Blade II looks like on the new super-high-res iPad. But we’re been looking for a comparison.

Enter Kotaku reader Alsandair, who has the new iPad and sent us two shots of essentially the same scene. There isn’t a dramatic difference, possibly because all the IB2 developers have done so far is boosted the game’s graphics.

Slightly more specifically, a spokesperson for the game’s developers at Epic Games’ Chair Entertainment says, “The new hardware enables Infinity Blade II to begin taking advantage of increased memory and processing power, yielding even higher performance and more sophisticated rendering features.”

They’re not yet tapping the impressive muscle of the new machine to really boost the game. This is a simpler visual boost and a fairly subtle one.

Click each shot to enlarge, and you’ll get see the differences more clearly. Mostly, the iPad 3 version has fewer jagged edges, which is nice.


iPad 2


iPad 3

The people making this game are on the cutting edge of pushing iPad tech, so expect to see more updates either in IB2 or in future Chair/Epic titles that eventually show what the new iPad really is capable of.


    • *applauds* I knew as soon as I seen the title there would be a PC comparison, and you didn’t disappoint.

      I’m planning to get one of the new iPads in the near future. I’ve never played IB so it’ll be interesting to see what all the fuss is about.

      • It’s only fair isn’t it? I mean certain(not all) people of the Apple camp consider iPads ‘computers/pc’ so therefore by their own faulted logic we must compare everything they do to our PC’s.

          • Oh snap.
            And oh darn an ipad user (forthcoming) using logix, my worldview has been butchered.
            Fortunately when I look at my future mother in law typing away on her keyboard attachment to her ipad, while I use my laptop, I’m reminded that a great many apple users are just…. ugh.

          • It’s annoying , until you realize that a $500 tablet weighs about 250 grams and does all the same stuff as my 3kg laptop — but for twice as long. And then I wonder who’s the smart one. I guess it depends on what you’re doing, but academic research and correspondence would be just as easy on an iPad.

  • meh if it was vita, the graphics would be superior and the improved sensitivity on vita, well not 100% improved if its too sensitive at times, will better slashing control

    • They use the same GPU, the SGX543MP4, and the iPad has 1GB of shared RAM as apposed to the Vita’s 512MB main, 128MB VRAM. The Vita’s CPU is a quad core Cortex A9, with the iPad carrying a dual core A9, but the A5 chip also integrates a NEON SIMD accelerator and the clock speed of the Vita’s cores is not known, so direct comparison is not possible. Given these specs, to assume that the graphics or sensitivity would be improved on Vita is ridiculous.

    • Not even. The screenshots above look like it’s still being rendered at 1024×720, but it’s being up-scaled (stretched) to the new iPad’s resolution. I’d say it’s like that just because Chair haven’t created an iPad “3” version/patch yet. There may be some possible graphical improvements but we won’t see it until the game has been modified to take advantage of the new hardware.

  • I don’t know why they keep on touting IB2 as some sort of holy grail for tablet gaming, it isn’t even a good game.

  • The ipad3 probably doesn’t have the power to render a game like ib2 at native resolution. My desktop probably would struggle.

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