Mainstream E-Sports Coverage... And It's Positive?

I know! I couldn't believe it myself. Most mainstream coverage of e-sports tends to be negative, or done from that patronising 'you thought e-sports was completely meaningless, but it's actually a pretty big deal' angle. So to see Reuters actually do a good job of covering e-sports in a positive, fair light is quite encouraging.

Featuring MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni and pro player Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen, this video is actually well worth watching, particularly for fans of competitive Starcraft II.

Thanks Sundance!


    Not a terrible video.....

    Not fantastic either....

    That girl could not of looked less enthusiastic.

    It's not exactly a secret that I'm a huge fan of Starcraft 2 from a spectator point of view and I was one of the people who actually shelled out $20 to watch this event last week (the VODs are up for free on the MLG website now, if anyone is interested).

    This whole eSports thing is coming along in leaps and bounds. Sundance (as well as a handful of other big names including Day[9] and Alex Garfield) were at the MIT Sloan Conference dohickey talking about eSports and the owner (I think) of the Houston Rockets has been talking up eSports on Twitter.

    More importantly, it's actually both interesting and entertaining.

    If they're looking for a player to really bring bring this to the masses, there isn't a better candidate than Grubby. He's had a pretty long career at this already (being one of the best Warcraft 3 players) and has had some moderate success in SC2 so far (no major wins aside from his own invitational but a handful of top 8 and top 16 performances). He handles himself well on the microphone, both as a commentator and as an interviewee (I've seen a Dutch chat show where he was a guest along with the director of a documentary about him).

    Then again, I'm a fanboy, so my opinion is rather biased.

      Were you at a Barcraft last weekend? I went down to the Sydney one, that was craaaaaaaaaazy. I can't believe a StarCraft tournament could actually attract 500+ people in Sydney.

        Watched at home. I'm in Brisbane and I didn't hear about any local Barcrafts. Hopefully there's one for IPL4.

          Ahh, I know Yahtzee is really not into RTS but I thought the Manabar would've been a great place to hold a barcraft. Actually I haven't ever been to Manabar so maybe I'm totally wrong about that.

            They've done it before, but it's about the size of a shoebox so it isn't the best location imaginable.

          We had a Barcraft for the GSL Code S finals on the weekend here in Perth. Something like 250 people showed up. :)

    You make it sound like positive coverage never happens!

      So how 'bout dat fighting game community? :p

        Pfft... as if a woman would know anything about a fighting game.


    I would have liked for them to show what a player actually does; anyone seeing just a few clicks in ten seconds as shown by the journalist playing wouldn't see any validity in the sport.

    But yeah, good to see an overall positive report!

      Well there is the first twenty seconds of the video, which is nothing but sped up game footage and players tapping at keyboards.

        But yes, it would have been nice to see some real footage.

        Maybe a snippet from one of the Grubby vs DeMuslim games with commentary (I'm fairly sure that series was covered by Tastosis).

    Any idea about people in Canberra? There should be plenty of them out there that enjoy SC2 as much as I do (and prolly suck less ^.^)
    The clip was "alright" me thinks, kinda lame I'd say if you see the IGN/GSTL ads running on IPL at ...drooool.

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