Max Payne 3's Box Art Gets A Brazilian

And it looks Brazilliant! Thanks guys, I'm here all week, try the veal, etc. [Goes off stage and shoots self].

I actually quite like the cover art. Having gotten hands on with Max Payne 3 (more on that later) I quite like the direction the game is taking, and I like that the art reflects that. Of course, the noir influence remains strong, but this cover art is very 'Rockstar', nice and stylised. Looks good in my opinion.



    I laughed.

    You should do more puns.

      Even if they are payneful

        There was a new ipad revealed last night, they make max dont they?


            Well that bombed.

              Sorry tits, I'm glad that you came in to contribute to the blindingly obvious. Bravo.

    My thoughts are you should tell me where the game you have is located.....

    The real question is: are there disembodied screaming babies in space?

    The cover art looks a bit bright and blockbuster-esque, is the story / gameplay still got those noir elements?

      "Of course, the noir influence remains strong..."

      Original post implied that noir elements will still exist; though, to be honest, the original didn't really have that many true noir/hard-boiled elements.

    Last time I saw screenshots, Max was bald. Did he get a reverse Brazilian?

      He shaves his head part way through the story.

    Why is the type treatment like the Battlefield 3 title?


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