One Level Of BioShock Infinite Has Three Times The Dialogue Of The Original BioShock

Video game dialogue — we hope you like it, because according to Ken Levine, there is a single level in BioShock Infinite which contains three times as much dialogue as the entirety of BioShock.

"Just one level of BioShock Infinite writing and the amount of character interaction we have is probably three or four times as much writing as in all of BioShock 1," said Levine, talking to Eurogamer.

"I'm doing the vast bulk of it and it really is... it can get overwhelming. But on the other hand it's a world that I absolutely love to write. Mostly because it's a new challenge. Thinking how these scenes are going to play out, how we keep them interactive and how you communicate the ideas."

Apparently, that dialogue doesn't come at the cost to the actual mechanics of the game itself — we won't be sitting down with popcorn for some Metal Gear Solid 4 style 30 minute cut-scenes.

"It would be so much easier just to write tonnes of cut scenes - I could tell the story much more easily," claimed Levine. "But my gut feeling, which probably comes from being forever changed by playing System Shock 1, is to keep the experience going."

One BioShock Infinite level contains three times more dialogue than all of BioShock 1 [Eurogamer]


    Still don't know why the game isn't called Aeroshock or something and they're treating it as a spiritual sequel. Do they really think they need the Bioshock title for it to sell? Because Bioshock didn't need the Systemshock title to sell.

      Without the name System Shock, people seem to get a lot of nerd pleasure out of going "Bioshock is just ripping off System Shock", so maybe it's saving us all the "ripoff" accusations.

        and Call of Duty is just ripping off Medal of Honour.


      why not use the title bioshock? it doesn't strictly only apply to underwater life. it's a fitting title. even if they make a game based on an underground city, or in outer space, or inside a massive animal, the title bioshock is still appropriate.

      Because Aeroshock doesn't make any sense. Also it's set in the same universe.


        But yeah, Aeroshock is a really crappy name. I don't understand what's wrong with calling it Bioshock when it's clearly a Bioshock game

          What am I wrong about?

            It's not the same universe.

            I might be wrong, but i'm pretty sure it was said a while back that rapture and columbia and in different universes.

              They stated that it was the same universe but set earlier on than Bioshock.

      I understand what you mean, and I agree with you.

      It's all about brand recognition.

      "Bioshock Infinite" is a pretty dumb title, no matter who's defending it.

    Is so much dialogue a good thing? Especially in what it seems to me as a giant escort mission FPS style...

      i'm totally with you there DG, more dialogue, not a good thing in my book. If I want a talk-fest i'll watch Midsummer Murders on ABC or something.

        My only theory about missummer murders is that the two investigators are actually serial killers, and they spend every week framing some sap...
        How many murders can happen in one village?!

      It's only one level and it doesn't break up the action or progression.

        "Your choices will matter!" "The ending won't be an A,B,C choice"

        Why are we still believing claims made by the people who make the game?

      From what we've seen of the game so far, you can probably walk away from whoever is talking, or interupt them.
      And while Bioshock was a largely static environment with story told via tape players (basically cutscenes without the cut or the scene, just the audio) and occasional interaction, Infinite seems to have broader environments, meaning more possibilities have to be considered, and in the end more writing.
      Writing doesn't necessarily mean dialogue, the way characters act and what happens around them as a result of those actions have to be written, too.

    The more i hear Levine talk about this game, the more bullshit I smell. I suspect this will be just the same as Bioshock 1. The guy knows how to get people excited though - thats for sure.

      Yep, that's old man Levine again, delivering up another 96/100 (Metacritic) stinker. Man that's getting SO old!

      Seriously? You had a problem with BioShock? Maybe FPS ain't your thing...

    Yeah, I didn't play BioShock for the dialogue. How about you be quiet and let me be scared in the dark for a while?

    This is one AWESOME game, Im just too glad that I was one of the lucky ones to have in my hands the demo version of bioshock inf I got at goo(dot)gl/RJbcp Cant wait till october to play the official release too!

    i call bullshit 3x as bioshock fucking 1 buuullsshhiiitttttt and bio means water

      I've never been compelled to actually respond to one of your posts for obvious reasons (you're a straight-up troll), but right now I don't feel I have a choice:

      Bio - noun - The syllable 'bio-' serves as a prefix in the English language. When it's added to a word, it brings the meaning of 'life or organic life'. The prefix traces its origins back to the ancient, classical Greek language. In Greek, the word is 'bios', which means a course of life or a way of living.

      I'm also compelled to point out that your username has botched the family guy bit. It should either be 'Pea Tear Griffin', as those were the 3 objects he noticed when trying to compile his fake name, or straight out Peter Griffin, as that's the sound they made.

    Ergh... more dialogue?? That's me out. I just want to play the game.. dialogue is great when it is good and to the point.. but having 3 times as much sounds like it will be boring to me.

    Will they eventually make a Bioshock 3 and return to Rapture, I love Rapture. Would be interesting to see Rapture another decade along

    I don't remember Bioshock having a considerable amount of dialogue.

    If there's anyone as compelling as Sander Cohen (nutjob in charge of Fort Frolic) in Infinite, I I don't care how much dialogue there is. I'm perfectly happy to sit and listen to hours of conversation if there's a point to it.
    Having as high hopes as I do for this game, hearing there're heaps of dialogue just makes me want it more. Bioshock had stellar writing (2, not so much) and since Levine is in charge again, I can't see it being anything but excellent.
    Bring it on, I say.

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