Play Mari0, The Love Child Of Portal & Super Mario

Announced back in August, Mari0 — a full game of Super Mario Bros. played with a Portal gun — has released, and it offers way more than what its premise suggests. The game just became available minutes ago by its makers,

The video above shows you all that you get, but my advice is to simply download it and try it out for yourself. There are versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, plus the game's original source code, for free at the link.

With it, you get four-player simultaneous cooperative play, a level editor, downloadable map packs, game modifiers like giant-size Mario or super-floaty physics and even 33 different hats. What are you still reading me for? Go get it! Go on!

Mari0 [StabYourself.Net]


    If only Nintendo and Valve could make this official...

    That moved way to quick, I didn't see an f'ing thing.

    downloaded and played it - sooo awesome

    Was one of the extras a Mario Minecraft style of play? It's like all the Mario variants just got together and created one uber-kitchen-sink game. I may have to check this out.

    OH WAIT. My friend sent me a link this website ( and I was super offended. Oh well!

    33 different hats. I'm sure Valve would approve.

    Didn't bother with mushrooms or fireflowers, hat 33 was all I needed. Made the game one fifth less heated.

    I don't see any copyright infringem... oh my god!!

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