Pretending To Use The Force Works Better With Kinect Star Wars

We're just a week away from the April 3 launch of Kinect Star Wars, the game you get when you buy that sexy new Star Wars Xbox 360 bundle. While my hopes aren't particularly high for the game, at least it gives pretending to Force Choke someone important context.

Kinect Star Wars stands to play an important role in the development of younger Star Wars fans. When I was younger we had to swing a stick around making whooshing noise if we wanted to pretend to be Jedi. Kinect Star Wars effectively removes the stick, though I suppose they could still use one if they really wanted to.


    "how to look like a dickhead playing games"

    Why aren't they promoting the dance mode?! That's the only reason I'm gonna buy this!!
    /sarcasm end.

    That scream...

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