Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Today's game was suggested by Kotaku reader Michael. The big clue of the day is that this screenshot comes from an arcade machine. Go go go!



      First thing I thought when I saw it too.

        Bravo! Thanks!

      wow.. that was a quick and easy win. lol


      Yes, it is Rampage.

      *plays little violin*

        Balme Michael.
        Seriously, Rampage? Why not put up a screenshot from Space Invaders while you're there.

        Just for you. Always comes in handy in situations like this.

        1 Min. Wow. I think this calls for a 1 pixel hell ride.

    Empire Strikes Back on Atari 2600

    Another world?

      The, um, arcade edition. Shut up, I totally read the full article before commenting!

    Frasier! The game! right? right?

      Now I'm going to be hearing Kelsey Grammar singing about tossed salads and scrambled eggs in my head ALL DAY.

    GTA VC defender of the faith arcade game (i think that was what it was called at least)

    The Dig

    I recognize this from somewhere, I swear to god, I have a complete MAME arcade romset on this hard drive and I can't figure out what this is for the life of me!

    Too late again, but Imma say The Dig. Just cos.

    The DIg high rise edition :P

      Well, clearly there's still some digging happening, just from the bottom of the image, looks like it might be The Dig: Dig Up, Stupid!

    I wonder if that red pixel feels lonely? Hang in there red pixel!! You will meet others like you someday!!

    First thing it made me think of was the probe droids from Star Wars. I don't remember Shadows of the Empire being that lo-fi though.

    Well damn, my first ever Remember This? destoryed in 1 minute =(
    Congrats anyway.
    Maybe my second sugestion will be better....

    My first thought was Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery (or whatever the correct name is), but as usual it's been solved before I have a chance to scroll down.

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