Revolutionary Hero Takes To The Trees In First Assassin’s Creed III Trailer

Revolutionary Hero Takes To The Trees In First Assassin’s Creed III Trailer

Assassin’s Creed

When the setting was revealed for Assassin’s Creed III some fans thought it was a terrible choice, mainly due to the lack of tall buildings in colonial America. As you can see in this action-packed trailer, our new assassin doesn’t need buildings to get the job done.

From the screens we’ve seen we know there’ll be (relatively) big cities in the game, but who needs buildings when Mother Nature provides all the climbing, jumping, and pouncing an assassin could ever ask for?

Still need convincing? Might I direct you to Revolutionary War history buff Luke Plunkett?


  • I don’t mind where its set as long as its the end. I love Assassins but after revelations i was incredibly sour. Please tie it all up in a neat little bow and end it for me ubisoft, Please?

  • Man, that speech guaranteed I won’t be getting this game no matter how good it is. It makes the ending to Black Ops look vaguely anti-american. You know the one I’m talking about – the one Yahtzee described as “the scariest thing I’ve ever seen”.

    I really wish we could get gamings Apocalypse Now or The Thin Red Line.

    • Oh I don’t know, it does look like it could be pretty fun to play. Quite pretty too. Although I agree with you, that little speech Meester Washington gives so woodenly at the end of the trailer, with the flag and everything is a bit eh… but I assume it’s something he actually said at one point (I’m Australian, i couldn’t give less of sht personally).

      Anyway, it looks like my hopes for a slightly more naunced look at the Revolutionary War are a bit bleak… woo ‘Murrica screw them English red clothes wearing blah dee dah herp derp.

      • Honestly – I’ve never really enjoyed the games for their gameplay. In fact the first game was so bad a I couldn’t play it at all. When I went back to the others a couple of months ago, I still thought the gameplay was a bit stiff. Got by because I really liked the setting and characters (not Desmond and the future stuff). This setting doesn’t do it for me at all, and if this is an accurate preview of the experience, I’d rather just go watch ID4 again.

  • How about an Australian assassin set in the colonial period. He could be English-Aboriginal and use guns with a boomerang for stealth. He could help track down bushrangers who are really Templars and recriut newly released convicts to the assassin order. He could also ride on the back (or in the pouch for American readers) of a kangaroo. There are built-up city areas like Sydney as well as country towns and vast open landscape.

  • Well, I’m convinced now. The tree climbing actually seems like a viable alternative to the parkour in the other games.

    Really hope there’s a John Marston type character somewhere in the game 😉

  • I just wish Ubi would scrap all the modern day shit. All the memory shit.
    Just set it in the time period and be done with it. I hate all the glitch stuff, the flashbacks, etc.

  • Heyve clealy been working on this fora while, what was with the polls last year from ubisoft on “where do ou want the next assassins creed set?”
    Maybe they’ll use them after this trilogy.
    I wonder how far they’ll take the soldiers who didn’t fight until they were commanded thing to. Or how many you could kill before the officer actually told them to fire…

  • I hope they make half the American troops French. In fact I almost bet they will. They develop this in France after all.

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