Star Warfare Is Fighting Against Awful iPhone Controls

Star Warfare Is Fighting Against Awful iPhone Controls

Look, for the most part, there’s nothing terribly remarkable about iPhone shooter Star Warfare. Its visuals are nice, if hardly top-shelf in this post-Infinity Blade world. Its structure, while taking enough cues from Horde mode games to be enjoyable, isn’t pushing the idea anywhere new.

You essentially spend a lot of time running around shooting at aliens, looking out from a claustrophobic third-person perspective, who come at you in ever-increasing waves. What I love about the game, though, and what bears at least thinking about dropping $0.99 on it, is its controls.

Star Warfare uses the typical, and usually loathed virtual joystick control method. Yet for some reason, whether its the size of the virtual sticks or, as seems more likely, some clever design, they don’t feel that bad here. Indeed, you could say they feel good enough to get the job done.

Not superb. Not revolutionary. But good enough. Which for an iPhone game is still quite the achievement!

Star Warfare: Alien Invasion [iTunes App Store]

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