Step Out In Style With Mario On Your Heels

Artist Jamie Ferraioli proves that stunning, feminine accessories are in no way at odds with nerd culture with her gorgeous, hand-painted shoes.

These heels and flats display meticulously detailed hand-painted art from Super Mario Brothers and The Legend of Zelda. My personal favourite part is the lava painted onto the platform sole of the black Mario heels.

Magicbeanbuyer's Shop [Etsy, via BuzzFeed]


    I've seen these before but it saddens me that such cool artwork is put onto such ugly shoes.

      You send her heels, and she paints them. So you can have your own size/style/comfy heels.

      Anyway... Must. Have. Mario HEELS.

      Pacman, R2-D2 and N7 heels would be amazing, too.

    Slapping sprites onto clothing doesn't really make it look all that appealing...

    I can imagine the Mario Shoes now. Instead of 'kik kik kik' like regular high heals, you hear a series of "Fwomp! Fwomp! Fwomp!" as the person walks by.

    I'm no fashion guru, but these are ugly as hell and they wouldn't match any type of jeans or skirt. Just sayin'.

    Painted shoes get posted a lot here. Does anyone actually like them? Would anyone actually appear in public in them?

    Genuine question - I don't get the apparent obsession with them and I'm not sure if it's just me, or if there's a "vague-tangent-to-video-games-let's-post-this" thing at work.

      I've got a friend of mine with a tri-force tattooed on her wrist, so i daresay she'd be stoked at having shoes like these.

    They will look good on my size 14 mens feet :) Does she do sneakers etc????

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