The Battlefields, Hangar Bays And Future Guns Of Mass Effect 3

Brian Sum is a concept artist who has worked for Canadian developers BioWare since 2007. Before that, he'd been at Sierra and Microsoft's FASA Studio.

As a senior concept artist working on Mass Effect 3, Sum has produced some stunning vistas for many of the game's galactic locations, ranging from the inside of alien starships to futuristic gardens to space nightclubs.

He also worked on some of the unit design for the game, as well as many of Mass Effect 3's new weapons.

If you like what you see, and want to check out more of Brian's work, head to his personal site.

To see more of Mass Effect 3's concept art, check out Matt Rhodes' amazing work on the game.

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    God I hated the designs of the helmets in ME3. Had to stick with good ol' N7 helmet so I wouldn't laugh the reapers to death with how stupid the helmets looked. Must've been the mentor of the blind deaf braindead designer who has a cucumber instead of a brain who vomited up the atrocious helmet designs in The Old Republic...

    Yeah, I really didn't like the helmets.

      It's the pistols that bother me...
      There's so much weight in the front of them, the balance would be rooted.

      Use the scouter, can see Shepard's face animation while getting the state benefits too.

        Is that the kuwashi visor? Because you're right I liked to use it in ME2, because of that.

      Yeah, they were all just horrible! There is an option to have the helmets removed for cutscenes, but you still look like a goober during normal play.

    I like how I go the extra distance and get the collects edition because I really like the game and would like to look at the art book etc. Then find out its pissant in length and even more kotaku make a post that has almost more art then the entire book for free. Dissapointed bioware.

    Interesting how close the actual backgrounds in ME3 resemble the concept art. You don't see that too often.

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