The Dapper Villains And Pretty Ladies Of The Killzone Universe

The Dapper Villains And Pretty Ladies Of The Killzone Universe

Andrejs Skuja works at Killzone developers Guerilla Games, where he’s currently a senior concept artist specialising in character design.

Which is why, aside from a surprisingly interesting glance at the dumpsters and fold-out chairs of the future, this gallery will almost entirely feature his amazing work helping design the characters and costumes of the Killzone universe.

What I love about this stuff is the incidental stuff, the things beyond the men with the guns. Like what pretty ladies look like in the Killzone universe. Even on Helghan, there is high fashion!

You can see more of Andrejs’ work at his personal site.

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    • That’s the greatest crime of the series, there is a wealth of history and style baked into the universe but yet each game never lives to it’s potential.

  • #2 was pretty good, but fell flat at the ending and #3 felt like it took out all the story and just had short little bursts of action one after another with no story or character development, which is what made #2 stand out.

    All the design for the series is awesome though, is pretty much the main reason why I play them, I’m not a FPS bro by any stretch so that’s got to count for something.

  • Oh Guerilla….they have come up with some amazing lore and concepts for the Killzone universe, but they put very little of it into the games. Even if they hacked in something like Bioshock’s audio diaries it’d be something.

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