These Are The Fans Appearing In Max Payne 3

Last year Rockstar kicked off a competition where regular people could enter for the chance to have their likeness used in Max Payne 3. These are the competition winners.

The competition, which ran for less than a month, required entrants to a) follow @RockstarGames on Twitter and b) use the #MaxPayne3 hashtag every time they tweet about the game. Ten winners were selected at random.

- Harald Fraenkel (@HaraldFraenkel) from Germany - Radio DJ Dave Wheeler (@Wheelerj28) from Winnipeg, Canada - Alexis "Lou" (@Alexisssx3) from Southern California - Elvis (@ElvisMarques) from Brazil - Artist Shohei (@hakuchitare) from Japan - Hamish (@SilentHamish) from Australia - Jaclyn (@jaclynejimenez) from NYC - Nick (@TwisBeats) from London

Below are screenshots from the game featuring the winners, who have been re-created as multiplayer characters.



    Why would someone from Japan appear in a foreign game? Afterall, all Japanese people are racists! :P

    If they chose at random why are none of these people ugly?

      yeah, why didnt this guy win?

      everyone knows that polygons strips 30kg off your weight, much like cameras add it.
      and makes everyone insta-pretty much like Shepard

      Maybe this is just what they would look like if they had generic bodies and had trained extensively to be action heroes.


      You can bump into him in a few months and say 'Hey, I shot you in the face the other day' :)

    Why didn't Gabe Newell apply, that I would love to have seen :(

      Gabe with a bloody huge shotgun.

      40% Movement Speed Penalty
      50% Body Armor Bonus
      Points are listed as $$

    When I entered this, I thought it was a sure thing :(

    Where did people enter this? the only Australian Max Payne competition I remember was one to have your name on a tomb in a multiplayer level -.-

    They all look pretty well done with the exception of the fella with the uzi in the last shot.

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