Meet The Only Australian In Max Payne 3

"Since I told my friends about the Max Payne 3 thing, you would not believe how many times I've heard the same joke about me playing with myself."

Meet Hamish McGregor, the only Australian man to feature in Max Payne 3.

Earlier this year, in an attempt to blast the #maxpayne3 hashtag across the twitter stratosphere, Rockstar ran a competition. The prize was a prestigious one — have your face placed in Max Payne 3 the video games.

Only one man from Australia made the cut — and that man was Hamish.

"It all started when I saw the contest on the Rockstar Games website," he says.

Folks who wanted to be considered for the competition had to be seen using the hashtag #maxpayne3 on Twitter, and Hamish McGregor took things to insane levels.

"People interested in being considered had to be seen using the #maxpayne3 hashtag," he says. "Over the course of four weeks, Rockstar would pick a group of 10 each week and send them Direct Messages on twitter informing them that they were being considered, and have to send in a head shot. I was sent a DM on the second week of the contest, and promptly sent in my head shot.

"I was pretty excited to be considered, yet didn't hear anything by the time the next round of selection went through. So, I kept on using the #maxpayne3 hashtag for days and days (which turned into weeks). I'd twitter away at work, home, the bus, train, walking, on a coffee break, and so on.

"And I can tell you, I reached my twitter daily limit pretty quickly."

Whilst on the way to work, Hamish finally received the news: he had been selected to feature in Max Payne 3.

"I was in total shock," he says. "I never thought I'd be selected over thousands of other raging fans out there. It's kind of strange to know that I'm being put into a real video game. I just kept thinking of when I'm 50 and don't have my good youthful looks anymore, I'll be able to tell people that my younger self lives on in an old videogame!"

To place Hamish in the game, Rockstar required three different types of headshot — two profile pics and a head on photograph.

"I rigged up a little set up in my bathroom to get it all done," says Hamish. "The shots had to be of a high resolution so they could get as much detail on to the character model.

"From looking at what they have posted up on the site, of the multiplayer characters, I can say they have me down. Even the freckle under my left eye and the hairy chin that I had at the time are all there."

Now that Hamish is officially in the game, he has a few questions of his own.

"I want to find out if my character has an Australian accent!"


    Aussie! ill be looking for ya you'll be the only npc i dont shoot in the face.

    Congratulations mate. Despite your success you do understand that I will have to kill you once the game is released?

    Hamish? what type of origin is that name? Scottish? maybe one of those rare English names that don't seem to fit.

    Congratulations though I'll enjoy splintering your head to pieces with a 357.

    is it just me (and no offence intended) but does this guy look like sheldon from the Big bang theory?

      He would probably pass for his better looking, cooler, younger brother. :)

    Wow, he looks exactly like Tom Ridgewell (TomSka on youtube).

    *sniff* If only it were me an Loops *sniff*

    But seriously, if you're reading, congrats Hamish! :D

    Congrats ! I know you tweeted like a maniac! I put out some tweets, but nothing near the level you did! So well done! I can't wait to see the line up in action!

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