These PlayStation Certified Games Are Xperia In-Bound!

With Sony's PlayStation Suite, Xperia smartphone owners can enjoy PlayStation titles on their handsets.

Starting today, Sony revealed the 21 PlayStation 1 titles that can be downloaded for ¥600 (US$7.30) a pop on the Xperia NX and Xperia acro HD via PlayStation Suite.

They are: Addie no Okurimono:To Moze From Addie, Arc the Lad, Bealphareth, Depth, Destruction Derby, Pet in TV, I.Q. Intelligent Qube, I.Q. the Final, Jet Moto, Jumping Flash!, Magical Dice Kids, MediEvil, Panekit, PoPoLoCrois, PoPoRogue, Dig a-dig Pukka, Rally Cross, Rapid Racer, Tiny Bullets, Wild Arms and XI.

PlayStation®Suiteに関するお知らせ [Sony]


    If only those games were available on the vita. Come on Sony, get your arse into gear.

      Playstation Suite games are compatible with all Playstation Certified devices as well as the Vita. As soon as it officially launches, you'll be able to play these on the Vita, as well as the Sony Tablets, Xperia Play, etc.

    Wild Arms!?!? OK My next phone is defo an Xperia :D

    It's about freaking time already, my xperia has basically been an android brick with sweet f'all on the playstation store for ages.

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