This Week In What? Mass Effect 3 Is Coming Out This Week!

Well everyone, it's been a long time coming, but finally the week has come. The time is almost here. It's hard to believe, right? After all this waiting, all the trailers, all the developer diaries, the rumours — finally The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition is here. And boy, am I hyped!

Apparently there's this other game being released. Something about an 'effect' of some kind? But yeah, no big deal.

Mario Party 9 (Wii) What is it? Mario is having yet another party, and you're totally invited. Should you care? I really don't understand why Mario continues to invite Wario, Bowser and Donkey Kong to these parties? After all they've done...

Mass Effect 3 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? One of the few games that could elicit a Bieber-esque reaction from myself, and folks who read this site. Should you care? Yes. Verily.

Street Fighter X Tekken (360/PS3) What is it? Interesting beat em up combo featuring characters from Street Fighter and Tekken — plays more like traditional Street Fighter though. Should you care? I think it's pretty impressive.

The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition (PC) What is it? Exactly. What is this? Should you care? I won't judge.

The Sims 3 Showtime Limited Edition Expansion Pack (PC) What is it? Become a superstar in The Sims! Yeah! Should you care? Sure, why not.

Unit 13 (PS Vita) What is it? A third person shooter of some kind. Should you care? Hard for me to tell, haven't heard too much about it.


    Definitely The Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector’s Edition.

    Sorry Mark, I do not care about ME3... I loved ME and ME2, and it pains me to not buy ME3, but I'm sticking with my boycott because of the shit EA is pulling with Day 1 story DLC.

      Ah, the gamer boycott. So cute.

        but me missing out on an awesome game because i decide not to buy it, due to poor marketing scheme will most def make a difference yo!

          Boycotting ME3 is a waste of time, Bioware doesn’t care if you do, EA games doesn’t care if you do, and the gaming community sure as shit doesn’t care if you do. All you're doing by not buying the game is missing out on what is sure to be and amazing finale in an amazing series. Just don’t buy the DLC if you REALLY wanna say a big “screw you” to the industry, but being 1 of maybe like, what… 100 people? – that don’t buy ME3, you really aren’t going to make a difference man. You’re just screwing yourself out of an awesome game for no reason at all. Yes, day 1 DLC sucks, and yes, they are going to get away with it because most people aren’t going to not buy this game just because of it. But it won’t change. So just suck it up and buy the game like everyone else.

      Just play the main game and worry about the DLC later. I'm guessing there will still be a good 30+hrs of gameplay before you need to worry about any DLC. So, unless you can control time, I doubt you could finish the game in a day, so therefore the day one DLC might become day 2 DLC or maybe even week 2 DLC for you. What does it matter if it's available day 1 or a month down the track? It's a business strategy, or crappy marketing - whatever - but why deny yourself the experience of playing a potential GOTY candidate? Write a strongly worded letter to EA/Bioware if you want, but your boycott will not achieve anything. This game will sell more than the first 2 combined.

        the DLC runs concurrent with the story.

        What would be the point of an extra squad mate DLC if you've already finished the game.

        Just let him boycott it's his choice and power to him, unless he's one of IDIOT's that then pirates the game(at which point he isn't boycotting shit).

        If you boycott and don't have the power to then not buy the game you are only feeding stupid proposals like SOPA because you obviously don't have any self control. So if they can get rid off the piracy. Even if part of their marketing campaign is taking your firstborn, Beating your mum and stealing your shoes your still going to buy their game(At least that's how they see it)

        Actually, I can control time. It's pretty awesome.

      Because god forbid they make bonus DLC for the collector's edition purchasers. Would you prefer they do what they do in other games and make it unavailable for purchase until 6 months later?

      buy limited edition, perhaps?

        Let's not mention they did the same thing with Mass Effect 2 and everyones conventiently forgotten it.... nope, nup. Never.

          Except in ME2 Zaeed DLC wasn't Story critical and it was free for EVERY new copy of the game regardless of which edition you bought as a way of combating 2nd hand sales.

          This is just EA milking fans.

            So, who said the day 1 DLC for collectors edition is story critical? I was listening to the giant bomb podcast of Mass Effect 3 where they talked to one of the senior developers of ME3 and he said that all the things people want to know is in the game. all the DLC stuff that they do now and in the future won't effect the main game or be something that you need to buy to get a complete experience.

            Point to me one single bit of information declaring the protheans storyline being critical and I''ll concede defeat.

            However, that being said, I'll point you to the actual producers who declare it NON critical, a mere bonus:


              Oh and given we're paying what, 30 bucks extra for the collectors edition its not really *free* dlc now is it ;)

                That was my thoughts on it.
                This character forms a part of the CE and its better for them to give you the option to get it via DLC (if you dont have the CE) than no option at all.

                Nah your just getting it for the super cool patch haha

            What makes you think the extra character in ME2 is going to be at all story critical? Just because of his race, there's suddenly going to be a big shift in the storyline? That you won't get the best ending? If I don't have this DLC the Reapers win!!!1

      I look forward to your Steam groups boycott activity page.

        How is a Prothean squad mate, the same Protheans that were the last race wiped out the by the Reapers, the same Protheans who allowed Shepard to save the universe from Sovreign, the same Protheans who were turned into Collectors and we fought against in ME2, the same Protheans at the centre of the story since the start of ME1 not intergral to the core experience? It will likely be Prothean Technology that will allow Shepard to defeat the Reapers in ME3. Bringing one back from the dead after their race was wiped out over 50,000 years ago, I can't see how this could be just some minor detail crammed into DLC.

        Remove the Protheans from the game and what have you got, well you've got no Collectors so that essentially turns ME2 into a dating sim. Most of ME1 is spent trecking the galaxy finding Prothean artifacts and Shepard was only able to save the day thanks to Prothean technology so thats just the side missions of ME1 left.

        So it's either very good, exploitative, and a must for any diehard fan of the series or tacked on at the last minute and not worth the asking price.

        And I'll repeat, Zaeed was free for EVERY new copy of ME2 not just the special editions that you had to pay more for. Likwise Dragon Age Origins new copy free DLC.

          Stupid reply button, This was meant for Matthew K above.

          There's still Protheans in the story. This is side DLC where one Prothean happens to be a squadmate. For all we know we'll meet other Protheans, dozens or hundreds throughout the game which will make up the actual story components. Hell, if the squadmate IS the only one in the game then he's kind of irrelevant, isn't he? The game certainly won't be structured around him!

      Instead of boycotting, do what i do; buy pre-owned. It really pisses off the publisher because YOU get to legally play the game, but THEY don't get a cent.

      Ah, to all the pricks that think I won't do it, *slow clap*

      I don't care if EA or Bioware don't get the message, all I care about is the fact that I know I'm doing the right thing for what I believe in.

      To the rest of you, go back to being corporate shills you sheep.

        Sheep implies I'm unaware of what I'm doing. I am completely aware and purposely doing it to support Bioware.

        Yeah maaaaaaan.... companies maaaaaan... corporate shills maaaaaaaan.... the man maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... theyre all evil maaaaaaaaaaaaan.... now get back to using your pc with the metallic parts mined by children in far off lands who are owned by slave traders, the clothing made by children in factories who get paid less than a dollar a day and treated like shite, your smart phone likely made in a factory by workers killing themselves off like lemmings, your games tested by people paid like slaves and worked unscrupulously long hours, your food tainted with chemicals fed to our children harming their growth..

        But hey. Take a stance on DLC. Nice priorities :)


      You go girl. You show Bioware who's boss.

      Enjoy Days of Our Lives while I save Earth.

      I'm with this guy loved ME and ME2, but ME3 looks awful, not just the DLC and crappy business practices but the story is horrid and the ending and motivation of the reapers is pants-on-head retarded.

      Hold onto your butts kids, its about to get all Deus Ex Machina up in here.

        I haven't read anything about the story. What's the deal? The Reapers are from Earth? All they wanted was to find a home? Shepard IS the Reapers?

        Actually, you'd better not say. Spoilers and so forth.

      What is everyone's beef with Day1 DLC?

      1) Incentive for CE (Collector's Edition) sales.
      2) Ability to buy the best stuff from the CE separately, if you weren't able to get a CE.
      3) This is more complicated, so pay attention for more than fifteen seconds:
      PART A:
      When the disc 'goes gold' (ie - shipped to manufacturers to pump out a billion copies of, to then be distributed to stores, which probably happened about a month ago), would you have the developers sit on their hands and say, "Well, that's done." Or would you like them to keep working on content?

      DLC is a fact of life, right? So why quibble about the timing? Should they have done nothing for the last month? Is it only proper for developers to wait six months before working on DLC?

      The fact is that they started/continued working on DLC as soon as they were forced to ship the 'finished product'. Hell, they probably finished the DLC a couple weeks ago, but it would be bloody stupid to release it before the game's out and the DLC would have required time to go through the Live/PSN certification process.

      PART B:
      If your predictable answer is, "If it was only a couple weeks/months delay, it should've been on the disc and the game should've been delayed til it was done."

      Wrong. It's an EXTRA. You were going to pay for it anyway, the only question was 'when'. And I've already explained why 'when' was so soon.

      If you still have objections at that point, then really you just have objections to DLC in general, and hey. People had objections to automobiles instead of buggy carts. Build a bridge and get over it.

      Perhaps this is a tad silly of a concept but here goes.

      Buy the game, don't buy the DLC. Infact getting people to Boycott the DLC but still buy the game would be the most effective thing you can do. Imagine ten million games sold. Seven DLC sold. This is the kind of thing EA would pay attention to. As in why the hell is the DLC not selling.

      Good luck with the effort but gamers tend to say yeah yeah yeah I'll boycott but alone in the dead of night they click click click the link and make the purchase.

      While I don't mind game like say Arkham City giving you Catwoman for new games only and making you buy it as DLC for pre-owned copies. I am kind of against DLC, that being said if six months later a expansion pack (Old school form of DLC that had to be purchased from a shop) I would be interested.

    Boycotting ME3 at launch, was going to purchase the normal edition, I don't want to be expected to pay $130 for the N7 edition to get the Day 1 DLC THAT IS CENTRAL TO THE PLOT.

    I'll probably by the GOTY edition or pick it up if they make the DLC free or something.

    My decision is perhaps further influenced by the fact that i'm back at Uni and don't have time.

      *ruffles Edward's hair*

        I chuckled.

        Stop touching everybody, yo.


        i'll get off my high horse.

          FWIW, I think you really do have a valid point of view.

          $130 for the most complete at-launch experience is a bit much. Maybe you could get a non-CE version and buy the launch DLC, which would put it (assuming an imported copy) at around $80.

          Me, I am still playing ME2 so I may as well wait for some sort of GOTY version. Although I don't think they ever did one for ME2, so maybe I'll do what I did for ME2 which is buy the game for cheapish and buy the DLC on a half-price sale.

          But in the mean time, SPOILERS!

          It really is a conundrum. Kif, search them for paper!

      *Facepalm* Really?

      It has already been confirmed that, "that" squad member that is in the "Day 1" DLC is already APART of the main game experience and that you still engage with that species part of the story as part of the main game. All the DLC does is add him as a squad mate and gives you an extra mission with him, as well as gives alternate appearances for all squad mates.

        Someone that gullible is not allowed to use the facepalm line with anyone.

          *double facepalm*

            If i make some sarcastic comment of stupidity. How are you going to top yourself then. You don't have enough hands to triple face palm.

            Or your a mutant freak :D XMEN

              Um... um... yeah i am an Asari and i use the tentacles on my head to triple-facepla... um FACETENTACLES!

      Buying the GOTYE? Does it come with some Krogan that you used to know? ;)

    Apparently the Unit 13 demo impressed a few people.

      Not me :( I was hoping it would be cool. It looks horrible and is just a pretty basic 3rd person shooter. Doesn't even really have a story, just random missions to complete in single player or co-op. I would have preferred another SOCOM game with online MP.

        But it's still close to launch, so standards should be quite low?

        I don't have a Vita, so I don't know, but I know the launch-console feeling. Perfect Dark Zero, I'm looking at you!

        Then you went into the game expecting the wrong thing, it was never meant to be a new SOCOM, even if the game does play abit like it.

        It's basically The Club : SOCOM edition, but instead you have the ability to pick one of 6 operatives and attempt to blitz through the level using all the available tools to keep a multiplier up.

        Personally I won't be getting it due to lack of funds from other Vita and regular purchases, but I thought the game was quite fun.

    The ME3 week is here! Now I eagrely anticpate the moment street date is broken!

    you forgot Twisted Metal Mark

      I think everyone is going to forget Twisted Metal sadly

      Sorry Jaffe!

      Yeah... both Twisted Metal & Jak HD Collection are out this Thursday...

      Anyone that cared about Twisted Metal back in the day, needs to pick this up... or the very least import the damn game!!!

      Twisted Metal Mark is the best in the series.

    ME3 preloaded. If only there was a way to fool the authentication servers into thinking I was in the US..... if I could do that I'd be playing the game tomorrow when I get home from work.......

      Tommorrow night? Pfff...

      My friend set all VPNs to Hong Kong/Malaysia to get it a whole 12 hours before the US chaps get it.

        Forgot to add the customary QQ about how the whole Asian region except Australia and NZ (well they are actually 3 days) are having to wait 2 whole days behind everyone else in the region including India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand...

          Haha indeed. Being unlocked in the morning doesn't help me (in theory!) as I'll be at work! I do wish your friend good times punching reporters!

    Sorry but I'm boycotting Sims 3 showtime Katy Perry edition on account of the fact that Katy Perry has a nice rack that simply cannot be matched within the realms of computer gaming.

      This is true, it will only lead to disappointment.

      I heard her bosom was Day 1 DLC

        Special pack coming next week: Hemline Pack, with two inches less material.

    I've always played ME 6-12 months after release anyway for some reason. I only played ME2 mid last year or something. So no biggie for me.

    I feel like the only person who doesn't care for ME3. Oh well, my phone rocks a GBA emu, I'm set I suppose.

    I'm boycotting Street Fighter X Tekken due to the unsavoury sexist community.


    I'm boycotting this cup of tea because the tea makers didn't include sugar THAT IS CENTRAL TO THE TASTE OF THIS TEA. BURN IN HELL NATURE'S CUPPA YOU ARE EVERYTHING THATS WRONG WITH TEA.

      i think I'll wait for the "Tea of the Year" edition.

        I'm going to wait for the classics edition or the best of tea edition.

      Sir, if you don't calm down, we're going to have to restrain you with the rope. The rope. How does that sound? Rope. Restrained with rope. Three words. Break it down to three words: restrained with rope. How does that sound? Nice? Do you think that sounds nice? (please note: it's actually really fun.)

    I managed to go cold turkey from all ME3 threads for the past 2 weeks so not to spoil anything .... i even took the second 1/2 of this week off so i can give it a good play.

    I care not for Mass Effect. *flutters hand gracefully before "laughing out loud"*

      i see, deploying the same tactic as used by cats when you wave a toy annoyingly in front of them...
      "i care not for this toy" they think while looking away, but if you keep waving it after a while it will pounce...

      that's totally the same right? RIGHT?

        It's the very identical thing! Bottoms-up!

    One of those, i don't care weeks that is huge for others.

    In fact i can't even think of a game i'm hanging out for in the next 3 months.

    Pile of shame and Christmas release price drops for me for awhile.

    I'm boycotting boycotts because they are completely useless.

    But i'm still not buying anything this week :P

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      Well, I suspect this to be a quite unpleasant - and entirely unforeseen - turn of events. Who could predict, or even imagine, such a thing as this? It really is quite undignified. *orders another ice tea from pool bar before re-applying

      well that explains so much, i always wondered why my controller vibrated during these scenes 0.o

        I presume you didn't receive the message to insert the controller into your nearest crevice before the vibration?

    I spose I should finish up my renegade run through ME2. Though I'm holding off buying ME3 until I've finished Tales of Graces f. Just my preferance.

      My renegade run was dissappointing 90% of the dialogue in the exact same maybe with an excerpt here and there changed you'd figure going around telling everyone to screw off that it be alot more different than wanting to resolve everything peacefully.

    I've managed to avoid virtually every piece of information about ME3, to avoid spoilers. MY BODY IS READYYYYY

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      Quickly, somebody get me the rope!

    I'm boycotting nuffin no way hosa!

    If gamers were as stubborn as the Irish, a boycott might work:

    But ain't nobody as stubborn as the Irish. Fact.

      Do we have to eat spuds though?

        Spuds taste great and don't you go trying to deny it.

          I suspect your hair ruffling and potato salesmanship are the very envy of hair rufflers and potato salesmen the world over! Bottoms up!

      Some evidence:

    I think I'm going to have to boycott the internet just to avoid ME3 spoilers.

      Maybe that was SOPA's true intention was a boycott to spoilers fuled by discerning ME3 fans.

    UNIT 13! BOOYA! \o/

      Is your wife a goer? Know what I mean? Nudge nudge, say no more, say no more. My wife is very fond of "cricket", if you know what I mean. Say no more. Reading between the lines here I can see you're a man of the world. Are you interested in "photography"? Say no more, say no more.

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