Kotaku Awards: Best Overall Game Of The Year

Kotaku Awards: Best Overall Game Of The Year

Wow. This is incredible. I have never seen a Kotaku poll run this close. Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of votes there were only eight votes between first and second in our reader voted Game of the Year awards. Sadly, however, there can only be one winner… [rustles the final imaginary envelope]and that winner is…

Mass Effect 2
I’ve been watching this vote for a while. Yesterday there was a dead heat between Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption. An actual dead heat. They had the exact same amount of votes. Then it went back and forth – two votes here, two votes there – until finally Mass Effect 2 slowly started to pull away. But, insanely, after hundreds upon hundreds of votes, there were only eight votes between them. Mass Effect 2 had 21% of the vote and RDR had roughly 20.5%. Insane.

But good choice guys. On another day I may have agreed with you.

Editor’s Choice
This was an extremely tough choice for me. There were so many games this year that I played and loved. Mass Effect 2 was one of them, coming in early. Mario Galaxy 2 was, in my opinion, quite simply a perfect video game, and Red Dead Redemption was a remarkable experience through and through, featuring a world that felt alive with weight and consequence.

If I was choosing my game of the year based on story, I’d definitely choose Mass Effect 2. If I was choosing based on moments of inspired genius, I would undoubtedly go with Mario Galaxy 2. But today I’m choosing based on my overall experience, and weight of sheer ambition – on that count my game of the year is Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption is the kind of game you turn on, just to see what the weather is like, just to have a quick game of poker, or do a couple of quick sub-missions. It’s beyond cliche, but Red Dead Redemption is truly a game you get lost in – figuratively and literally.

So which is your game of the year, and why? Let us know if you think we got it wrong in the comments below – or tell us how awesome we are for getting it right.


  • I’m impressed that through sheer staying power ME2 took it… it was released so early in the year.

    As a side note, did Goose ever end up finishing RDR… last I heard he was using it as a poker simulator.

  • Yeah Mark I agree with you there. ME:2 is a great piece of work, but it can’t/won’t/isn’t supposed to stand on its own. I don’t think anyone will ever say that the Empire Strikes Back is one of the best movies ever made, but is Star Wars one of the best trilogies? Absolutely. I think Mass Effect will be the same. The grandeur of the story, the ambition of continuity in player decisions/characters, on top of better and better gameplay. Its a great game, but the trilogy will be what is remembered, I think.

    On top of that the Red Dead multiplayer was epic good fun, and I think the only game I own that I have a 100% completion trophy in. I spent many many hours in that game.

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