Kotaku Awards: The Best Console Game Of 2010

Kotaku Awards: The Best Console Game Of 2010

Kotaku Awards: The Best Console Game Of 2010We took your nominations, then we tallied the votes – now we finally have a winner for the Kotaku Community’s console game of the year. And the winner is [rustles another imaginary envelope…]

Red Dead Redemption

This was one of the most fiercely fought categories. Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption were neck and neck right until the very end of voting. In the end RDR peeked ahead, with 25% of the vote, while Mass Effect 2 came in second with 21%. Rounding out the top five was Halo: Reach with 8%, Heavy Rain in fourth position with 7% and Mario Galaxy 2 coming in fifth place.

Thanks for your votes guys.

Editor’s Choice I chose differently from you guys in the Indie category (going with Limbo over Minecraft) but I honestly think you guys got it right this time.

2010 has been one of the best years for gaming in recent memory. Mass Effect 2 engrossed me in a way no game has managed since, Super Mario Galaxy 2 plastered a smile on my face for eight hours straight, Halo: Reach was the swansong the series deserved, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood came along and surprised me at the tail end with an experience that went far beyond what anyone could have expected.

But Red Dead Redemption is still my console game of the year.

RDR is a game that defines the phrase ‘more than a sum of its parts’. We could discuss the game in sections, but what made Red Dead Redemption the incredible experience it was is the manner in which its discrete parts hung together as an unforgettable experience. The game universe had an incredible sense of place – and a set of distractions so vast and varied that the main quest seemed like a seamless part of your Red Dead experience. I rushed through this game for a review and enjoyed it massively, but when I went back for a second playthrough, after its retail release, I fell in love.

Red Dead Redemption was a true masterpiece, and is arguably one of the most accomplished games of this generation. It’s a worthy winner of Kotaku’s console game of the year.

What do you guys think? Did we get it wrong? Let us know in the comments below.


  • RDR was incredible but my personal pick is Heavy Rain. That game did things I never thought a videogame would do and pushed the medium forward in ways that never occurred to me.

    That said, busting out an entire table of dudes at a poker table in RDR was a rare pleasure.

  • Red Dead Redemption was a buggy game with terrible controls (I shouldn’t have to tap a button to run faster!). I have no idea how it got such high praise.

    • I believe the tap X to run mechanic is actually a stroke of subtle genius. It gives the player a very real physical empathy with the action of the player – in much the way that our index fingers ached holding down R1 as we desperately stayed clinging on to the colossi. I cant think of how many times in GTA and RDR I’ve been frantically smashing x and tapping my feet yelling ‘go! go! get there! run motherf#cker run! – wouldn’t be the same if I was sitting there just pushing the stick forward 🙂

      • *sigh* I keep forgetting its nigh impossible to discuss elements of game design on kotaku boards – there are too many gamers. I’ll keep trying anway: I think the controls in RDR are well implemented for a sandbox game, which is considerably more complex to design for than many other types of game environment – and by matching near one to one with GTA they were able to instantly give familiarity to most players, who could then easily focus on the immersive aspects of the game right from the get go without even thinking about the controls.

  • Its a shame Heavy Rain didnt get higher.
    That game was such a stand out for me this year.

    I have to agree that RDR was a monumental game in scale, story and characters.

    I just cant help but feel it was GTA meets the wild west (open world, meet people and get quests, etc). Whereas Heavy Rain was a completely different gaming experience, it drew me in like very few games have and made me actually give a crap about all the characters.

  • RDR was just GTA with guns and cowboys set in wide open areas that I just found incredibly boring. While I didn’t mind John Marsden, it wasn’t until the end that I actually began to appreciate why he needed to do what he did. But until then, I was more personally affected by the side missions than the main storyline.

    Mass Effect 2 deserved to win. Each character was well-rounded, the gameplay was tightened up (although there could’ve been more gun fights) and the plot had me in suspense the entire time. Bioware seem to be the video game’s equivalent to Pixar nowadays in my opinion.

    • Quiet… quiet… oh, dead.

      I still remember the first time one of them jumped me. Minding my own business, strolling towards Thieves’ Landing. I could see the gates, I had accomplished much in the last hour and felt good about seeing a new town. Roawr? What’s tha- OH MY GOD! Dead.

  • I tire of the insta love rockstar get from the media, if a lesser known dev had released that bug ridden garbage they would be broke now.

    • Name 1 game that doesnt have bugs… its coding mate, there are ALWAYS going to be bugs and RDR is one of the most polished games this year, if it had a couple of harmless bugs then get over it. And Rockstar get attention for good reason; cause they ALWAYS deliver.

      • It’s true, I don’t understand why people bash it so much over bugs. I for one didn’t experience any and I played it extensively. Sure I’ve read/seen videos on some of the bugs, but I’ve seen those for a lot of AAA titles. Also, with such a huge, huge game, you can’t expect it to be without technical flaws. To suggest asmaller development wouldn’t get away with it is a bit dismissive of the fact that it wouldn’t be as heavily scrutinised as AAA titles often are.

    • I didn’t like RDR either, but god forbid you say that anywhere now days. I copped the same crap for saying I disliked Avatar too.

      Oh and loved Alan Wake.

  • RDR is definitely the clear winner. What a fantastic game. My other favourites this year were Heavy Rain, Mass Effect 2, God of War III and BioShock 2. Awesome year. 2011 is shaping up to be amazing though. Gaming just keeps getting better 🙂

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