Kotaku Awards: The Best Console Game Of 2010

We took your nominations, then we tallied the votes – now we finally have a winner for the Kotaku Community’s console game of the year. And the winner is [rustles another imaginary envelope…]

Red Dead Redemption

This was one of the most fiercely fought categories. Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption were neck and neck right until the very end of voting. In the end RDR peeked ahead, with 25% of the vote, while Mass Effect 2 came in second with 21%. Rounding out the top five was Halo: Reach with 8%, Heavy Rain in fourth position with 7% and Mario Galaxy 2 coming in fifth place.

Thanks for your votes guys.

Editor’s Choice
I chose differently from you guys in the Indie category (going with Limbo over Minecraft) but I honestly think you guys got it right this time.

2010 has been one of the best years for gaming in recent memory. Mass Effect 2 engrossed me in a way no game has managed since, Super Mario Galaxy 2 plastered a smile on my face for eight hours straight, Halo: Reach was the swansong the series deserved, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood came along and surprised me at the tail end with an experience that went far beyond what anyone could have expected.

But Red Dead Redemption is still my console game of the year.

RDR is a game that defines the phrase ‘more than a sum of its parts’. We could discuss the game in sections, but what made Red Dead Redemption the incredible experience it was is the manner in which its discrete parts hung together as an unforgettable experience. The game universe had an incredible sense of place – and a set of distractions so vast and varied that the main quest seemed like a seamless part of your Red Dead experience. I rushed through this game for a review and enjoyed it massively, but when I went back for a second playthrough, after its retail release, I fell in love.

Red Dead Redemption was a true masterpiece, and is arguably one of the most accomplished games of this generation. It’s a worthy winner of Kotaku’s console game of the year.

What do you guys think? Did we get it wrong? Let us know in the comments below.


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