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Alright folks - 2011 has graduated from a snail-like slither to a really rubbish crawl as new releases start to slowly trickle into being. This week is all about Dead Space 2, but also heralds the debut of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3. Better one week late that never!

Dead Space 2 What is it? An effective laxative disguised as a video game. Should you care?: For all your constipation and gaming needs - look no further.

Mario Sports Mix What is it? A mix of sports games with Mario shoehorned in. Should you care? I truly don't care. Buy Mario Galaxy 2 instead.

Mass Effect 2 What is it? Kotaku's reader voted game of the year makes it the PS3. Should you care? If you haven't had the chance to play this - do it now.


    Mark! Mark! Mark!

    Can you confirm that you got my details for the Dead Space 2 competition? I sent them... about a week ago, I guess.

    I'm so excited that as soon as the Jets beat those asshat-Steelers (as in they are asshats... not that they steal hats made of ass), I'm gonna play through Dead Space again.

    WHAT DO I PLAY FIRST!? Dead Space 2 or Mass Effect 2!? HELP ME JEBUS!

      I loved ME2, but it's gotta be Dead Space 2... right? :P

      Ah yes, Necromorphs. The allegedly alien life-form that re-purposes organic matter. We have dismissed that claim.

      I'd go with DS2 first just because it's shorter. Nothing worse than rushing through a long game just because there's another game you're excited to play.

      Buy ME2 - you can easily sink 25-30 hours per run through on it. By that stage (hopefully) the price of Dead Space 2 will have dropped a tad, then you can pick that up and scare the bejeebus out of yourself :)

        I have both pre-ordered so I'll pick up both on day 1 anyway.

    That face always makes me chuckle :D

    If I wasn't scared of my own shadow, I'd give Dead Space 2 a go. Alas.

      If you want real horror. Check out Agent York smiling in Deadly Premonition!

    Any word on broken street dates in Melbourne before the 27th for Mass Effect 2? I wanted to make use of the time off work on Australia Day to get started.

    I am only just on ME2 on 360 now. I can't believe I let this game slip by without noticing. Mass Effect is absolutely amazing - it is like a story, almost booklike but super interesting.

    Although, I am not quite happy with the decisions I made in #1...should I replay number one (search on net where possible) to change the decision I made at the end of the game and perhaps team different teammates knowing the outcome?

    In another ridiculous development, the digital release of Mass Effect 2 on the PSN has been delayed to Friday to coincide with the release of the disc in stores; thus negating the advantage o digital releases, which should not be subject to natural disasters or any other event that effects freight. Stupid decisions FTW!

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