Title Stripped From Pokémon Champion

Title Stripped From Pokémon Champion

Two-time Pokémon champion Ruben Puig Lecegui was stripped of his his title at the United Kingdom Video Game Championship following a scandal in which he and members of his team are accused of leaving their hotel rooms to take a dump in the hall.

“According to several eyewitness acounts,” reports the site Pokébeach, Lecegui and members of his team “placed their own feces in the hallway of the hotel they and other Pokémon players were staying at.” Pokébeach says the cops were called, the players were kicked out of the hotel and had to pay fines.

The manager of Play! Pokemon told Pokébeach that “The Pokémon Company International expects its players to maintain high standards of behaviour conducive to the family-friendly environment that we foster.” The company investigated the matter independently and took action.

The event’s original runner-up is now listed as the champion.

UK VGC Champion Loses Title After Hotel Feces Incident [Pokébeach, with a huge h/t to Hongo.]


  • “expects its players to maintain high standards of behaviour”
    not put crap on a wall is a “high standards”.

  • Is this the same incident that was earlier reported as them throwing the poo around?

    Or is there something seriously messed up with the competitors at this tournament to the point that feacal incidences occur multiple times?

    • Since the perpetrators in each report were Spanish, I’m pretty sure that it’s the same people as in the last report.

      At least, I really hope it is. o.o

    • I could have sworn that report said that it was members of the actual Pokemon Team who did it. I presumed it meant the guys who design the pokemon or at least make the game on some level.

      Not just dudes who play it.

  • *le drunk pokemon team*
    dude 1:”hey, HEY, do you guys ever think about how pokemon poop?”
    dude 2:”do pokemon even poop?”
    dude 3:” sure they do, they just roam around the forest, go behind a door, and just poop like this.”

    let’s just hope they dont think about the mechanics behind how a skitty and wailord can technically breed and produce the egg…

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