Using An Ocarina To Play The Journey Soundtrack Feels (And Sounds) Right!

Sometimes I wonder just what kind of impact Ocarina of Time had on ocarina sales globally? Surely there was some kind of renaissance! Regardless, I think that, as an instrument, the ocarina is now inextricably linked to video games. And all this cover of the Journey soundtrack does is reinforce that fact!

I love the final song in Journey. I love the music throughout, but the full song is just really special. This Ocarina cover doesn't really deviate from the original, but the fact that an iconic instrument, used so explicitly in another classic, is being used to play music from another game is quite fitting!

Also, it's an excuse to talk about Journey again. Last time, I promise!



    "DON'T STOP BELIEVIN!!"......

    For anyone interested here's a few clips from the final soundtrack:

    I love you Mark

    Very nice, but I prefer C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down

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