Video Games Get Orchestral In Melbourne, And I Get Jealous

Orchestral music, am I right guys? I know, it's awesome. Especially when said orchestra is blasting out some of your favourite video game soundtracks. The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is now getting in the act of performing video game music to satiate us everyday plebs, and tickets are available now.

Our very own Logan Booker is going to the event, and I'm a bit gutted I can't head over myself since it's in Melbourne, but it looks quite promising. Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub of Penny Arcade TV’s ‘Blaminations’ and ‘The Scott and Kris Show’ are hosting, and apparently Wil Wheaton is also appearing in some capacity — possibly just to give everyone a wave, then moonwalk offstage.

But, of course, it's all about the music, and you can expect a fair amount of it. The orchestra will be playing music from Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Secret of Mana, Starcraft II, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy VII, and multiple others. It seems like a bit of a crowd pleaser.

For more info head to the official website.


    I went to one of these video game music things a few years back and it was awesome (I think it was just called "Play"). It felt a bit weird sitting in the opera house listening to an orchestra play music from Silent Hill, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Halo and a bunch of others, but a great experience nonetheless.

      I went to Play! as well. I loved it so much the first time that I went again.
      I'd love to go to this but it's too far away. :)


    I hope it's actually decent game music they've chosen and not just "music from games that are well known/marketed".

      Secret of Mana = best game soundtrack of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    Can't decide if I want to go. Roughly half the music they've thus far listed I have no real interest in hearing. But the other half would be amazing. I need me some moar Distant Worlds action I think.

      From experience I know that even if you don't like the game or haven't heard its music the experience of hearing it live is still good. So if you think half the music would be amazing, definitely go.

      If it makes a difference, it's gonna be in the MCC's Plenery, which has horrible acoustics. I'm still going, but when I saw the Dr Who spectacular there, the sound was average. Nothing the MSO could do about it, just the space is made for speeches, not music.

      Distant Worlds is coming to Adelaide dude! I live in Melbourne and a mate and I are going to fly there on November.

        Ha, that's my plan too..I had friends over in Adel purchase the tickets...this will be my second time, after Sydney... Can't wait to have the experience of listening to magic again!

    Melbourne??? Oh nooo, gross. Just my luck that the one time I have some disposable cash and there's a videogame symphony going on in Australia, it's not in Sydney... bah.

      If you have "disposable cash" what's $90 more for the plane ticket to Melbourne? Maybe too scared of falling in love with the better city? :P

    I am really looking forward to this :D

    I've had my tickets since last year. (And have subsequently dragged nine friends along since).

    MSO is doing it in conjunction with Eminence, and Eminence always puts on a fantastic gig. I'm only interested in half the games myself, but chances are I'll walk out wanting to track down more soundtracks for the ones I'm not familiar with.

    Plus, you know, Secret of Mana. The rest could be Miley Cyrus and I'd still turn up for that.

    Arrgh, why you no in Sydney. I'd kill to meet Scott and Kris and Will regardless of them orchestras.

    So when I moved from Christchurch and flipped a coin on what city to move to it worked out!

    I love the idea of it, but none of those games were that great for me.

    Sounds good. The last Night in Fantasia concert that Eminence did was annoyingly Sydney only, so this makes us even. ^_^

    Out of all the Final Fantasies though, do we REALLY have to keep hearing the music of FF7…? I swear, they perform One Winged Angel at every single bloody orchestral concert I go to. I was so pleased that the Distant Worlds concert in Sydney last year focussed on some different stuff and didn’t repeat the world’s most overplayed track… and then they did it as an encore. It’s an amazing piece of music, but man, I’m sick of it now!

    Hopefully I’ll be there.

      Hear hear! Absolutely love One Winged Angel but I would prefer some other tracks to get this precious live treatment. Unfortunately it is a big crowd-pleaser, and for all of those enthusiasts who have been to past Nights in Fantasia or Distant Worlds, there are a lot of first-time attendees who will have never heard it live, so I can understand why it keeps turning up. Like the Mario theme, really, it's hard to leave it out of video game concerts.

      Of course, Hiro himself (Eminence's founder) has said that he's sick of One Winged Angel too, so maybe it's another piece from the game, you never know.

      (Distant Worlds is playing in Adelaide in December too, but it's looking like the set list is going to fairly closely mirrors Sydney's...)

    I am sooo going to this, this looks amazing.

    I am sad there's no mass effect music though.

    Might be going with my brother, hope it'll be great

    Marky, are we going to have something similar soon?

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