The Sights (But Not The Sounds) Of Video Games Unplugged: Symphony of Legends

A good number of my friends attended the Video Games Unplugged: Symphony of Legends event in Melbourne last weekend, and our very own Logan Booker put together a nice write up, but what about those of you who couldn't make it — like myself? We've managed to find some cool pics of the event. Protip: just imagine you're hearing the swelling, intricate sounds of an orchestra in full swing. Ahhhhhhhh bliss...

Alright, so we're never going to be able to replicate an actual musical event with pictures, but these are still pretty cool. I'm definitely going next time.


    Such an amazing night.
    Amazing music, great atmosphere, great hosts. Blown away.

    Psst, Mark... First hyperlink is broken mate.

    Wish I were able to have gone! Sounds like an amazing show.

    You know what, I think attending this is going no my bucket list. Well not necessarily Video Games Unplugged, I'd really love to go to Distant Worlds, but I definitely have to make it to some kind of video games concert.

    Phillip Chu was a gun

    *Sigh* Would have killed to have seen this, especially with Scott and Kris there.

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