Watch The Prototype Of The Mass Effect FPS

Footage of a prototype of a first-person shooter set in the Mass Effect universe has emerged. Mass Effect Team Assault was intended as a standalone experience before BioWare Montreal transformed that effort into the third-person multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. Click through to view the video.



    Battlefield MASS EFFECT - hell yes

    are the vehicles in the me3 multiplayer? they look pretty interesting

    Surprisingly polished, the vehicles were an interesting addition.

    Though it all looked a little.... generic, down to the faux-rocket launcher.

      I think if we saw some enemies and use of powers we might have been able to see some differentiation. But I'm guessing it would have still been compared to most standard fps mps, and thats why they cancelled it?

        No EA would of told them to make it 3rd person and less complicated not to freak out all the causal's. jokes aside, EA knew that the uproar over Mass effect 3 FPS!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? would of damaged the PR campaign for 3., and thinking about it, if that was the case they are probably right about that.

          I think the idea was to make this a stand alone Downloadable title. Not apart of Mass Effect 3. More along the lines of Battlefield 1943

      It's polished because it would be a slight modification on top of the existing MP code/game in the Unreal Engine.

    Looks nice, but it looks like it could easily be a mod and nothing more. If there were some biotics in action then that would spice things up a bit.

    Good to see the Mako back in action though :)

    I tried the multiplayer in ME3... did not grab me at all... Especially since most people would not play with me since I was level 1...

      I like the ME3 multiplayer. It kind of reminds me of a smaller version of Gears of War horde mode plus it has a flow on affect to your single player game which is cool.

      The reason why people won't play with you is because you probably didn't select the right challenge level to search for that is appropriate for your level. You have to be a high level to succeed in the silver and gold challenges, so you'll get kicked from those games unless you are high enough to actually make a difference. Try searching for games with bronze challenges and you'll be fine.

        No, actually, it's weird - I've encountered exactly the same thing.

        For some reason a bunch of assholes are faux-elitist and will kick N7 rank 1, level 1 players from BRONZE matches. I actually got kicked from FOUR IN A ROW when I came late to the party for the demo. All those N7-100+ ranks just kicked me on sight.

        Too self-important to carry a newbie, not enough balls to go silver or higher.

        I was honestly ready to just throw in the towel at that point, but I'm glad I stuck with it long enough to actually get some matches in. The thing is fun as hell.

    That could easily be a ut3 mod... In fact, the vehicles and weapons were just remodels of UT3 weapons

      it was actually Unreal Tournament 3 look at the vehicles.. there is Hud Assets from UT3, including the "in vehicle position" in the bottom right direct from UT3.....

      this is Fake :)

        It is likely that they were developing the game on top of the Unreal Engine (Mass Effect itself is, after all). Perhaps some of those assets from UT3 are also provided as placeholder assets to engine licensees to help them get their game up and running?

    thank god this didn't happen.. .it looks just like 99% of the other crap cods and other FPS's out there!

    Very early alpha all they have done is re model the UT3 engines default vehicles... So anyone saying this is awesome go out and grab UT3

    Its like Halo + Battlefield! I'd play it!

    Wasn't this reported over a week ago?

      Yeah, Kotaku has a habit of consistently covering news items days and sometimes many weeks after they've already been covered by countless other sites. Honestly they should be embarrassed, it's not a good look.

    Fucking retards this is the prototype for a stand alone ARCADE game that branchs off from Mass effect 3 and shepards Story. I Welcome them to Give it a try in the form of an arcade game that way they can see the fan reactions andif the fans would embrace a Full retail FPS mass effect.

    Personaly i would its somthing different and expands on the mass effect universe plus of its got better gameplay then CoD then EA have another FPS to rag on CoD with.

      Does calling everyone such names help you feel better about yourself?

    Although its clearly ME universe it reminds me of Halo

    Nonono nononononoooooooNoooooooooo

    Last week called, they want their video back. Seriously guys.. I mean SERIOUSLY it takes you THIS long to post stuff these days? No wonder I read The Verge now..

      What a friend we have in Cheesus.

        Love you too.

    It looks just like Halo!

    this looks like it was made in UDK

    This was already reported on.. I expect better from Tracy Lien

      I would also expect better from Tracy Lien! That Tracey Lien, however... she's a rascal.

    its a Unreal Tournament 3 Mod... anybody who is a gamer should notice it straight away

    Considering this is from The Final Hours Of Mass Effect 3, I'm surprised Geoff and BioWare aren't filing a C&D to tear this down.

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