What If Mad Men Was The Best 8-Bit Game Ever Made?

I love Mad Men so much that I make it my mission to drop as many boss Don Draper quotes in my writing as humanly possible. Therefore when I stumbled across this Mad Men YouTube game, in the style of an 8-Bit adventure game, I completely lost it. This is the best thing I've ever seen. Today.

Everyone should play this. Then go home and watch Mad Men. Then drink whiskey, smoke and say really smart things in work meetings. Then have affairs. Lots of them.

Actually you shouldn't do most of those things. But still watch Mad Men.

As you were.


    Amazing. I haven't even seen Mad Men, and that is still totally the best thing on YouTube.

    Trudy Campbell's actress is in Community, Mark. I STRONGLY recommend you watch it, as its definitely one of the best television shows ive seen, along with Mad Men of course :D

    Still going through this but LMAO at giving Pete his name on the wall lolol

    Season 5 premiere in 4 days!!! =D

      OMG the lawnmower hahahahaha

    Spoilers for season four everyone!

    But, what am I saying. You mean you haven't watched through to season four yet? You've got Mad Men to watch, what are you doing on Kotaku!


    Yeah this ain't.

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