Behold A Hamburger Stacked With A Thousand Pieces Of Bacon

Burger King Japan is going bonkers with bacon. For a mere ¥100 (US$1.24), you can, as sister site Gawker pointed out, add 15 slices of bacon to your Whopper. But why stop at 15?

Japanese website RocketNews sure didn't. It added 1,050 strips of bacon to a whopper. Over one thousand! In bacon maths, that's ¥7,000 — or $US86.85.

In the above video, RocketNews unwraps the bacon Whopper and just kind of looks at it before actually trying unsuccessfully to polish some of it down. Sometimes having it your way also means having to barf up bacon.

バーガーキングでベーコンを1050枚追加して食べてみた [YouTube]


    Ewwww... Thats discusting, puts me off wanting to eat meat for a while :S
    So much fat and grease...

    Excuse me while i call my long lost brother ralph, from the bathroom.

    Great concept, though that doesn't look like bacon to me, kinda like giant scabs.

      Thanks for that image...

    is it sad that I'm really not surprised by this?

    Since it is the same company that gave Japan the Windows 7 Whopper. . .

    That bacon...... does not look right lol

    He needs the EpicMealTime boys for that.

    Kotaku : (Apparently) the home of GAMING! (I think...)

    Nothing to do with games...? Maybe... But it sure makes me hungry ._.

    I hope these are still on the menu next time I'm there.

    Coincidence this happens just after Shiggy gets back from Japan?

    that is not bacon...

    I would not, could not, eat bacon that looks like that... Watching this made me feel sick!!!

    you people and ur hurrrr nothing to do with gamming hurrrrrr need to realise that kotaku is a gaming CULTURE website, so some things might not actually contain vidya gaymez.

      OK. But how is this related to gaming culture? Competitive bacon eating? No.

      I think Kotaku just posts any weird shit from Japan. Gaming or otherwise. If that is the case they should probably alter the aim section of their "about" page.

        Gamers love bacon. Didn't you get the memo?

          We love sex, too, can they start posting some porn?

            They did, yesterday. And the day before that. There were also some gaming porn articles earlier this year, and quite a lot of Bashcraft articles are borderline porn. (Not author bashing, just stating fact)

        Suprising how much of "gamer culture" comes out of Japan.... well considdering the major consoles before the xbox originated in Japan, maybe not that surprising

          Eating bacon has nothing to do with gaming culture.

            I cannot believe I am doing this from my phone... The Australian version of the Kotaku website states that the site is geared towards gaming news, said description does not extend to the American version. Simply put Kotaku America stated (during the launch of Kotaku East) that they post news and articles that they find interesting/amusing, they also implicitly stated that said that Kotaku East would not restrict itself to gaming based news but rather post anything they thought was interesting/amusing from the asian continent.

              To be fair, the Australian site also says:
              "We cover the Australian gaming industry with a team of award-winning local journalists, and localise the best posts from the US, making sure to eliminate what’s irrelevant for Aussies."

              Personally, I don't mind the extra curricular articles and am grateful for the time that Mark spends filtering out the majority of the irrelevant articles that we never see.

    how can anyone say this has nothing to do with gaming????
    did you see there office! its like tetris! just looking at them getting out made me think of the theme music

    how can anyone say this has nothing to do with gaming????
    did you see their office! its like tetris! just looking at them getting out made me think of the theme music

    I want to go to there...

    That bacon looks like it came from those plastic food displays you get at Japanese restaurants..

    The bacon would be cold too - imagine how long it would take to cook

    It kind of looks like a bacon Christmas Tree with a burger-top angel.

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