French Presidential Candidate Goes Green With Final Fantasy

Above, French presidential candidate Eva Joly makes her pitch as the country's Green Party representative.

While she might not be familiar to Kotaku readers who do not follow European politics, the music playing underneath the campaign spot should be. It's from Final Fantasy X.

If American presidential candidates can quote Japanese anime, why can't French ones use music from Japanese role-playing games? Well...

Kotaku is following up with Square Enix to see whether this campaign spot licensed the music or just swiped it without permission.

In the meantime, how about those green glasses, huh? They're green.

Eva Joly remixe Final Fantasy dans son clip de campagne [GamAlive]


    I was disappointed it didn't break into the combat theme when it flashed up COMBAT

    I can play the original! Mostly. My skillz probably couldn't pay many billz these days. I really dislike this, however.

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