It's Not Just The Lady Who Dazzles, Its Her Amazing Outfits

For the past 12 years, Yaya Han has been tearing up the cosplay circuit. One of the coolest things about her work is the craftsmanship that goes into her costumes, which she makes herself. Fantastic stuff.

Top-notch cosplay photographers take many of Yaya's photos; so do visit her site to see which photographers took which photos.

If Yaya looks familiar, that's because you just saw her in that street racing Resident Evil fan film. Or maybe you saw her at any of the many cons she attends each year!

Yaya Han [Official Site]

Top photo: Fenyx Design


    "it's not just the lady"... way to stick it to the stereotypes Ashcraft. And yet you'll still rage against guys who do the far more blatant rubbish. meh.

    Waiting for the "it's not just the dude who dazzles..." post.

    soooo... she cosplays as anything that alows her to have her (presumably) big fake boobs out?


    I see that as less cosplay and more soft porn...

      What if they are not fake ? she gotta strap em down ? besides, have you seen video game female characters ? most do have them out on display .

        They're fake. It was pretty much announced to the world in between conventions.

      Why shouldn't she play to her strengths? This costuming is totally amazing and hell yeah her boobs are awesome! This is very appropriate for do many characters out there, and I love that she did Litchi (affectionately Boobie Lady) from Blazblue :)

    Not afraid of getting the boobs out is she?

    But I like it. Gorgeous and great costumes. Thumbs up!

    Not one of those pictures doesn't have her huge boobs on display. Does she do anything else, or was this just the Bashcraft selection?

    And yes, I'm aware many famous female vidya gaem characters have huge norks that are usually placed quite obviously on display, but c'mon, there's plenty that don't. I'll give more points to any cosplayer that manages to pull off an authentic looking outfit that doesn't rely on 'OMGBOOBS' factor.

    I think the boobs are my favourite part... and if they are not your favourite part, and you are a male. Shame on you.

    It's her gigantic t..alent that really dazzles here.

    Ok ... I'll say it. BOOBIES!!!

    I don't feel better for it, but it had to be said.

    Ok ... I'll say it. BOOBIES!!!

    I don't feel better for it, but it had to be said.

    The costumes are actually well-designed, but it's still somewhat offputting to see so many of these cosplays riding off such obvious sex appeal.

    I honestly don't see the problem, If she wants to dress like that and feels empowered by the adoration she gets. Who are we to question it? Also Men love boobs, why should we be ashamed of that?

    Large cleverage or not, you must admit that she makes great costumes of the highest standards. The attention to detail is amazing.

    One word...."Damn"!

    To all those who condemn Yaya's breasts (fake or not)................Shame on you, it's part of her costume and it's how she makes a living.........And if your male and you complained, time to recheck your sexuality......

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