Lots Of Crazy Anime Mashed Up For Your Gaming Pleasure

Lots Of Crazy Anime Mashed Up For Your Gaming Pleasure

For years, Bandai Namco has been releasing mega crossovers of giant robot anime — ranging from Gundam to Evangelion to Voltron — in the Super Robot Wars series. But having made many other types of anime tie-in games in the past, giant robot anime aren’t the only anime Bandai Namco holds the licenses for.

So earlier this year they collected a large group of fantasy and modern-day sci-fi anime and combined them into a turn-based RPG for the PSP called Heroes Phantasia.

Heroes Phantasia is the story of two parallel worlds facing an evil that could destroy them both. One world is a traditional fantasy world with magic, knights, and maidens in distress. The other world is much more like our own but with monsters, mutants, and vampires lurking in every dark alley. Each world is populated with anime of similar settings, but which ones exactly? Let’s take a look.

The World of the Real

Blood+ Blood+ is the story of Saya, a teenage school girl… who is also an amnesic immortal vampire. As a plague of monstrous-looking vampires spreads across Japan, it falls upon Saya to kill them with the only substance they are weak against: her own blood.

Read or Die Read or Die follows part-time substitute teacher/part-time secret agent Yomiko Readman as she battles resurrected historical figures with her paper-based superpowers.

My-HiME My-HiME is a modernised “magic-girl” anime where a group of young girls discover they can summon monsters — which they must use to battle against another set of monsters in order to protect the ones they love.

Darker than Black Darker than Black is a future noir story that follows Hei, a superpowered agent of a secret organisation who fights rival superpowered agents in a secret war across the streets of Tokyo.

s-CRY-ed s-CRY-ed is the story of an island where one per cent of children are born with the power to summon or merge with monsters. The plot revolves around two groups, one trying to control the superpowered population and rebuild the island and the other wishing to live completely free of government ties.

The World of Adloaz

Slayers Revolution Slayers is the comedic tale of Lina Inverse, a young black mage who destroys bandits, gods, and cities full of innocent civilians for fun and profit. Incidentally, she also saves the world.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Sorcerous Stabber Orphen is the story of two best friends, Azalie and Krylancelo, taken in and raised by a magic school. But when Azalie is turned into a dragon, the school decides to hunt her down and kill her — leaving Krylancelo as her only protection from them.

Rune Soldier Louie When an all-girl group of adventurers needs a mage in a hurry, they are forced to take on Louie, a giant burly man who looks and acts more like a fighter than a mage.

Sgt. Frog Sgt. Frog is the story of a group of frog-like aliens sent to invade Earth who are abandoned there after their mission is called off. While determined to continue their mission, they are constantly distracted by what earth has to offer — namely Gundam model kits and the internet.

…And when you mix them all together you get Heroes Phantasia. Check out the anime intro video above for your first taste of crossover madness or check out the gameplay here.


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