Mass Effect Music-Maker Remixes Mass Effect 1 Music, It Is Rad

A little while back, Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinsen released an album of music that he'd written for Mass Effect 2 but that didn't make the cut.

Now, he's put out a free remix album called Max Effect featuring music from Mass Effect 1, originally composed by Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, Richard Jacques and David Kates.

It is seriously good stuff. Here's the first track, called "ArmageddoN7".

(By the by, that is an excellently cheesy name for a Mass Effect remix tune.)

Love it. You can download the entire thing at Hinson's website.

Max Effect [Official Page]


    That was so cash! I love remixes like this

    Seriously, take this remix to the bank... because it's money

    dear lord..

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