'Never Take For Granted What You Have Played In Zombie Games'

Deadlight is a side-scrolling survival game set in a zombie-infested, ruined Cold War 1980s. It's inspired by writer Cormac McCarthy's "The Road." It plays a bit like Prince of Persia and Another World.

Deadlight was also the last game I saw at PAX East and one I had to shoot video of in a rush, before catching a ride home. So, please forgive the bad camera angle and the rough audio. I think the beauty of the game still manages to shine through.

Thank you to Raul Rubio Munarriz, creative director of development studio Tequila Works, for talking a hurried, harried reporter through the game, while another PAX East attendee got a few minutes at the controls of the game.

Deadlight (official site here) will be out this summer for Xbox Live Arcade. It's not your ordinary zombie game. Melancholy as it is, it was a beautiful close to my PAX East.

Good game, good show.


    Would have been nice if Totilo added some subtitles or something to this video, I'm hearing two or three people talking over eachother in that vid

    So sick of zombies, but man alive this looks good. Very Flashback-esque.

      Yes! I was just thinking "Damn, this really reminds me of Flashback!"

      Now I want a HD remake of Flashback. :(

    damn exclusives!

    this would be sweet on a PC

    Game looks really good on mute.

    I found a gameplay vid. And the Narration is a big let-down for me. Combination of bad script-writing and line delivery in my opinion.

    yeah they should release it on Steam they would most likely sell way more copies given steam users love of indie titles. XBLA is such a risky option.

    Wow a game using McCarth's The Road as its base. I am quite intrigued

      From your name I'm guessing you're a fan of Blood Meridian? Best book.

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