Notch: Settles Another Dispute With A Game Of Quake 3

Hat connoisseur (and creator of Minecraft) Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson has been challenged to a showdown by someone who is distributing copies of the runaway smash, Minecraft for free.

Persson tweeted that he asked the distributer to take down the site, in response to which, he was challenged to a Quake 3 match! Not long after Notch tweeted the original challenge, Notch reported that the offending site had already been removed. So while the match is no longer a deciding factor in the site's future, it would still be awesome if it went ahead anyway. Really awesome.

The challenger has suggested that the map q3dm17 be the battleground for their head to head gib fest. Unfortunately, as someone who was too under-caffeinated to appreciate the twitchier shooters, I am unfamiliar with the map in question.

Some may remember that Notch challenged Bethesda to a similar battle over the naming rights to Mojang’s upcoming game Scrolls, with the challenge being turned down by the Elder Scrolls developer.

While I can’t imagine multiplayer shooters as a medium to settle legal disputes becoming a trend, it’s refreshing to see a sense of humor and light hearted fun in an industry that has seen its fair share of ad hominems and mud slinging recently.

According to Notch, the match is taking place this coming Monday, 7PM GMT+1.


    q3dm17 is THE map. Shame on you Nathan. Go grab a triple mochachinolattespresso kidney shrinker and get to it!

      q3dm17 is the greatest 1v1 deathmatch map in any game EVER.

      you would have a reasonable argument that it is in fact the greatest all round deathmatch map ever.

        p.s. i just checked twitter and i think i suggested q3dm17 to notch before anyone else. WINNING.

    q3dm17 "the longest yard" is probably one of the greatest Q3 maps. If you want instant fun add a dozen mates and run the instagib mod. Headshots while flying thru the air backwards has never been more fun.

    Stupid Notch.
    That is an unwarranted hat.

      I reckon it's about time Kotaku started using a new Notch photo.

      I disagree. That place he is in looks very cold, I would not want to be there without a hat.

        He could wear a beanie!
        Or a red hoodie!

    So pirate away till you are asked not to? I sinicaly smell a publicity stunt.

    Like the gladiators of the new age. Wonder if it will be a public or private match. Private match = instant hackery. Public = flood warning.

    Maybe he should start challenging others to a run/race around the block

    "that has seen its fair share of ad hominems and mud slinging recently."

    To be fair, Notch is responsible for some of that. Remember the Yogscast debacle?

    I'm not sure what the issue is. So long as the guy was paying for the copies he was giving away why can't he give them away

      I suspect he was not paying for the copies he gave away.

    why don't you all just buy minecraft legitimately and STOP BLAMING NOTCH! He is just being fair and actually wants money for the game he created! Distributing free copies is the last thing Notch wants.

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