Slow The Hell Down, Sonic The Hedgehog

Now here's something you don't here every day. Most people think the key to Sonic the Hedgehog's success was speed. Commenter Daemon_Gildas thinks it's time he retired his red sneakers for a pair of walking shoes in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

I'm just gonna say it:

I think it's time for Sonic the Hedgehog to abandon speed.

Frankly, I liked Sonic better when it was about platforming, with cpeed simply being a by-product of playing well. I don't care anything about "momentum", either; I want precision. Honestly, Sonic could take a few cues from Mario.

Assuming the camera-angle allows for it, design levels as if you were designing them for Mario, and then stretch the gaps and raise the platform just a *bit*, so that Sonic feels a bit quicker, but still players similarly.

I'm about as big a fan-boy is there is, but I think people need to take off the rose-colored sunglasses and remember what a bitch it was to platform with Sonic back when he controlled like a goddamn marble.

I'm not saying he needs to ape on Mario's style completely, as Sonic could do without arbitrary, gimmicky Power-ups, but in terms of level design, there's a reason why people like Mario games still and not so much Sonic.

Oh, and for the record, I happen to like the Sonic Adventure design of Sonic. DEAL WITH IT!!!

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Comments is mostly an article type where commentors get free license to troll and tell people to "deal with it" / "suck it up"?


      Mass Effect 3's ending was perfect. DEAL WITH IT

      AND SUCK IT UP!!!

    "I’m about as big a fan-boy is there is, but I think people need to take off the rose-colored sunglasses and remember what a bitch it was to platform with Sonic back when he controlled like a goddamn marble."

    Actually, it was pretty damm easy to platform with Sonic way back when. It sounds like you don't want Sonic to be, well, Sonic. There has always been precision in Sonics platforming. Go play Wing Fortress and try to tell me there's not. And not caring about speed or momentum? If you had the speed and momentum, you could get to the higher and more lucrative (in terms of rings and items and speed) paths, and if you didn't, you got the low path.

    Basically, I'm really not getting this argument. It sounds like argument for arguments sake, and less like trying to improve Sonic, but rather, make Sonic in to Mario. And if I wanted to play Mario, I'd play Mario.

      You hit that nail on the head good sir. Kudos to you.

      You speak exactly my sentiments.
      Despite the stronger amount of platforming that was present in older games, sonic needs speed.

    Hey Daemon. I totally agree with you. Sonic Adventures 2 was one of the best Sonic games. I also like the traditional sonic games too, but it's pretty obvious that all the haters who say Sonic is about speed couldn't get past the green hill zone in the original Sonic. Seriously how much of a Sonic fan can you be if you were only aware of the first level? Hell, level 4 (Labyrinth Zone) was probably the slowest level in all of Sonic history.

    Oh man, I'm so glad somebody said it. These new Sonic fans are idiots 'wahh speed' whatever. When can we return to the glory days of Sonic, when he could transform into a werehog or was trying to bang a human lady?

    I somewhat agree with this. My favourite sonic games were the master system ones. Back when sonic didn't have spin dash. It had speed, but try and get through that jungle level in sonic 1 by going really fast, it can't be done.

    I reckon you'd end up with something similar to the speedrun levels in Super Mario Galaxy (the timed ones, and the ones where you race against the shadow Mario). Which would be great.

    i agree, platform action is exactly what i remember sonic was all about on the mega drive. jumping from log to log going up a waterfall, dying many times miss timing the jumps, also racing against the clock. tricky platforming is where they need to get back to, maybe some collectables and hidden areas for replay value of each stage to make u go back and find those hidden items on the alternative paths that you can take. i never ever got the whole speed thing, whats fun about whatching the entire stage race past u and not enjoying it as it only takes a couple of minutes to reach the end.

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