Super Sonic The Hedgehog Galaxy Is Looking Pretty Sharp

It's the first Sonic the Hedgehog game of the current generation of consoles, technically, and it's bringing Sonic up-to-date, Super Mario Galaxy style. Sega may be calling it Sonic Lost World, but to me it'll always be Super Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxy.

It's a good thing this is exclusive to Nintendo consoles, because we wouldn't want to get that SMG funk all over the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. No, this is has Nintendo written all over it, from its color-coded new villains (The Deadly Six, because Sinister Six was taken) to the self-contained floating levels to the inclusion of colour Powers, a carry over from Sonic Colors (Sonic Colours in Europe) that could, if you squint real hard, be compared to Mario suits.

It's a pretty game, but then no one ever accused the franchise of being ugly.

Super Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxy will be out later this year for the 3DS and Wii U. In case you missed the trailer, you can see it here. Looking for 3DS shots? Squint your eyes until these look all pixelated.


    Can you write an article with any more venom? With grammar mistakes to boot... Oh I forgot, this is a blog sites...

      "With grammar mistakes" "this is a blog sites"
      Uh, you might want to check YOUR grammar there.

      But I agree on the venom behalf, the article seems pretty anti-Nintendo. I for one think this game looks pretty great, and since Nintendo is helping out with the development, it should play significantly better than recent titles too.

      Go easy on Mike, he speaks from the heart of a man left destroyed by years of broken promises and shattered dreams thanks to Sonic Team.

    Sonic Generations pretty much took the best of 2D and the best of 3D and made a level where you played through it each way. I liked it, I also hear Sonic Colour was a return to form.

    If you don't like a game than simply don't play it, no need to spread hate because of your personal opinion.

    It does look pretty good, hopefully they don't do anything stupid like make Sonic turn into a turnip for half the game

      Werehogturp. Like manbearpig but destroying our hopes and dreams at the same time!

      Or an eggplant

    "Super Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxy"? Bitch please, get your facts together (but you have none since you're a blogger and not a real journalist just like every other hack on this site). It's a re imagining of Sonic X-Teme.

    We'll it's the first time I've been interested in a Sonic game EVER....
    Being like SMG can only be a good thing

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