Sneaking And Slashing Through Lovely Darkness In Mark Of The Ninja

Sneaking And Slashing Through Lovely Darkness In Mark Of The Ninja

Mark of the Ninja doesn’t look like your average stealth game. You won’t be hiding in cardboard boxes or waiting 10 minutes for soldiers to turn around. And it’s all two-dimensional.

Mark of the Ninja, which developer Klei Entertainment first announced February in the form of a neat text adventure, is more reminiscent of platformers like Prince of Persia or Outland than any stealth game I’ve seen. But it looks great and the mechanics, which involve manipulating sound and darkness to avoid enemy contact while you climb and grapple up walls and ceilings, seem pretty damn neat.

Klei says Mark of the Ninja will be out this summer for Xbox 360.


  • One of the things I liked about Tenchu Z (On the whole it was a pretty poor entry in the series) was that it wasn’t just about staying out of sight. It was about being aware of the amount of noise you made, your smell (if you had fought you got the stink of blood on you for a period, or there were offal pits you could fall in), and the amount of light in a particular area which increased your visibility at a distance, especially if you had your normal sword drawn.

    Unfortunately, the level design never really used them very well and they had very little impact on your ability to complete the mission with a good score. Hopefully Mark of the Ninja does it better because I’ve been wanting a decent Ninja Stealth’em Up for a while.

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