Someone Actually Wants To Make That Call Of Duty: Police Warfare Game

In February, an entertaining, if "fake" concept video did the rounds, in which the Call of Duty franchise was re-imagined from the perspective of law enforcement.

It looked pretty cool. And turns out it wasn't fake. Turns out it was from a team of experienced developers who actually want to sit down and make the thing.

A group with experience on games like Far Cry 3, Gears Of War, Crysis, Assassin's Creed, Killzone 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV has launched Police Warfare, a game that "draws inspiration from the large scale, multiplayer experience of a title such as Battlefield 3, and combines it with the cops and robbers style of Grant Theft Auto and HEAT".

WARNING: it's yet another Kickstarter project, so don't just assume this is being made or will ever see completion, but with proper developers behind it and a clear idea (that actually sounds neat), as a worst-case scenario a proper publisher might pick it up.

POLICE WARFARE [Kickstarter]


    i could see the multiplayer actually being quite fun - cool concept - could almost just have been a mod for bf3 though.

    This could be like The Heist but expanded upon,
    or Police Quest SWAT 3 on steroids.

    Either way, colour me interested.

    Rainbow 6 still comes to mind......

    Police warfare (clearly involving swat) would have to involve all the technology already used in rainbow 6.... would rather see it using frostbite then IW5. Allow for extreme option instead of knocking door down, pull wall down (aka swat the movie)

    I would like to see a first person shooter where the bad guys dont have their own army of soldiers, and that the gun fights are between you maybe your partner and some swat back up and an more realistic type number of enemies, say 10-20 at the most. Increase the intelligence of enemies, open up levels to provide more tactical opportunities. An example would be in a police type game would be you and your partner doing a search on a house you have been tipped off on and discover its a meth lab containing 2 heavily armed drug dealers who aren't all that excited about going to prison.

    Unless when designing a fps you have some awesome gameplay feature such as Max Payne's bullet time which makes killing enemies fun, should you throw wave after wave at the player. But games where you run from A to B killing wave after wave in a "semi -realistic" fashion as super man has been done to death already.

    It would be awesome if the robbers could hide inside buildings, and be sort of quasi-stealthy, while the cops are just all-out pumping bullets into walls to try and hit the robbers. I can see it now...

    civil war call of duty ftw. horseback and sword, cannons and gattling gun killstreaks ftw!

    Australian-only DLC allows you to buy the cops off!

    I'd so pay for a game called Grant Theft Auto, in which I imagine you'd steal research grants from scientists in cars. The game on offer though, sounds interesting, but then, so did APB Reloaded...


    No need to sully the article with the CoD heading though ;~)

      Oh, it does have CoD background.... ignore my ignorance.... wait that ',:-\

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