While You Were Sleeping

Good morning everyone. What's shaking? Today is Friday, for most of us that means the weekend kicks off on the morrow. Much excitement. But first, let's take a bountiful trawl through some gaming news.

Call of Duty: whether you like it or not it's a big deal. I'm going to go right ahead and state that this story is probably the safest guess in history: 2013's Call of Duty game is another Modern Warfare game. Hard to see how this one'll be wrong, really.

Oh, and the latest Call of Duty? It's more that fancy weapons brooooo... it about fancy outfits as well.

A handful of Metal Gear related headlines as well: this is how Metal Gear predicted the future, and Metal Gear's stealth is pretty creepy in the real world.

Oh, and related to some of the biggest news as of late — this chap made his own Grand Theft Auto V trailer.

In Short Here's How Metal Gear 2 Predicted The Future Fan Makes His Own Stylish Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Rumour: 2013's Call Of Duty Is Another Modern Warfare Game Metal Gear's Stealth Is Creepy Annoying In The Real World Call Of Duty Is More Than Fancy Weapons, It's Also Fancy Outfits


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