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I have to be honest with you — I'm going through a bit of a gaming slump at the moment. Can't be bothered playing anything, nothing really interests me. Loved Journey, playing Ziggurat on iOS, but that's about it. Have any of you guys ever gone through a gaming slump? What got you back in the game?

I remember for a short while I stopped playing games for a fair amount of time, and only really got back into things with the release of the Xbox and Halo.

I think these things tend to go in cycles. During the Christmas holidays, I played games with the energy of a 13 year old on his Easter break, but I've really slowed down to the point where I can't even be bothered finishing Mass Effect.

So — gaming slumps? Ever had one? What do you recommend?


    I'm almost always in a gaming slump. Occasionally some game will come along and I'll play it through but otherwise I sit here, crippled by choice. There are so many games that I could be playing, playing just one means I'm not playing the rest.

    Kind of snapping myself out of this at the moment by playing Dark Souls and then having Skate 3 and Lego Batman on standby. This way I can play Dark Souls until I start tilting (such as last night when a black phantom invaded and then managed to backstab me from the front), then switch to Skate or Batman to derp around.

    It's kind of amazing how easy it is to just do nothing and how it's even easier to just start doing something. Yet that second step is rather elusive.

    Also, Shameless Gaming Month.

      I got invaded by a black phantom for the first time the other day (that sounds more sexual than I intended), unfortunately for him he didn't count on my having the Drake Sword so he died rather rapidly but it was quite a thrill fighting someone even more unpredictable & dangerous than the enemies in the game already.

    About the start of last year, I felt like every game I was playing was the same. I was having a hard time picking up anything. Then I bought Blur and it was a nice refreshing twist to my normal gaming routine. A bit of variety is always good for the soul.
    Plus it has a Local Only Search function, which is more then I can say for even todays AAA title games.

      Blur actually had some really inovative ideas which I think AAA games could benefit from, like the ability to share your accomplishments, post challenges and (this would be a good one for RPGs and FPS, anything with a strong lot or open world) a "Last time on Blur" segment when you came back to the game which reminds you of your recent acheivements and upcoming accomplishments.

    It's good to take time off from gaming for a while. Play some boardgames or do something else. Or even play an old game you loved or switch from console to PC for a bit. But you always appreciate it more when you come back. This is easier for those of us who aren't games journalists however.

    I think it's good to have a break from gaming (or any hobby, really) every now and then. You'll start to miss it, and soon enough you'll get back into it and become enthusiastic again. I'm in a bit of a gaming slump myself, but that's only because all I wanna do when I have free time is to read A Dance With Dragons...

    Games are mostly all mediocre. Deal with it.

    Read a book, exercise, pick up an actual productive hobby such as drawing/sculpture/dancing.

      Sturgeon's Law.

      Other than that, I can only assume you're trying to be a less than subtle troll.

        Yeah, he's about as subtle as a forty ton elephant landing on your head. :P
        Or Trjn's and my sarcasm sensor's are broken...

      Get off a game site, hombre.

      We're here because we actually enjoy our chosen hobby.

    Mark, you need play something completely different, maybe a genre or series you've never even touched.
    You need to try "walking on your hands" you might say...

    Weird, I'm actually in a slump as well. I have downloaded a bunch of demos and PSN titles but I can't push myself to play them. At first I thought that if I throw money at the problem it would go away but any games I've bought recently don't seem to lift me from my doldrums.

    At the moment I'm watching TV for my entertainment but TV isn't doing it for me as well. I guess I'll just try and wait it out and hopefully I'll feel better soon.

    I play an old game that i loved and haven't had a go at in a while. Sometimes playing the old ones that sparked your passion for gaming can remind you why you love it. Try an old Lucas Arts game like Monkey Island.

      This is what I was going to say. I always find the only thing to get me out of a gaming slump is an old game I love.
      Usually I get in a slump after I've finished a game that was really satisfying. It makes everything else seem not as good. So playing an old game before I go back to another new one renews my perspective and acts as a gaming palate cleanser.

    When in a slump, SKYRIM!
    When burnt out from overgaming, SKYRIM!
    When the end of the world is nigh, SKYRIM!

      Playing Skyrim took me to my current gaming slump. So no, I don't think so.

      I was also in a bit of a slump before playing Skyrim. Unfortunately due to the PS3 bugs it landed me right back in one and I am finding it hard to pick it up and play again. Getting a bit of a buzz out of Kingdom Rush at the moment.

    Jump outside your gaming comfort zone and play something you normally wouldn't.

    Alternatively, I always love reinvgerating myself with a trip to the massive timezone on the Gold Coast. I get sick of spending money on tokens to play, so look forward to console/pc again more.

    Not really a 'slump' in those terms but I missed the early 00s gen completely.

    I did not want to buy any new consoles (kept playing the heck out of my 64, also was at Uni during this stage), none of the games of that period got my enthusiasm up, and I really lost touch with the videogames zeitgeist altogether.

      Check out, sounds like the ideal solution to your knowledge gap & the games are mostly $6-10 so even if you don't like them, its not much money wasted (and you often get things like soundtracks that you may like even if you don't like the game).

      I prescribe Planescape Torment, Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars & Prince Of Persia:The Sands Of Time

    Previous gaming slumps have been resurrected by:

    * Starcraft
    * Starcraft
    * Demon's Souls gifted to me by Strange
    * Starcraft

    I'm just about ready for another break, though, I think. When Mass Effect 3 is done, I think I'll put the controller down for a couple of weeks. Just like any hobby, interest can ebb and flow. It's normal, go with it.

    I know the feeling, Trjn put it perfectly with 'crippled by choice', and no build-up to get you into a particular game. It was easy to get swept up by SKYRIM fever when that was just about out, and that energy helped to focus on other games around that time too - dark souls, skyward sword, saints row, etc... I guess that energy has gone since there's nothing coming out soon that excites me that much.
    I've been falling back to minecraft a fair bit lately as an easy way to wind down at night after work.

    Mmm. Yes. I sympathise, Mark. I've been in a gaming rutt for a while. Star Trek Online still holds my casual attention and I log on here and there to complete a few duty officer assignments, but I confess... there is one game I am trying.

    The Old Republic.

    As I understand Bioware had the courtesy of realising how much the end of Mass Effect 3 sucked, so they didn't bother including one in The Old Republic at all!


    I'm the same, it's really hard to get motivated. I blame the AFL starting up again lol.

    yeah I'm over Skyrim. after about the second Dragon. I've been going back and rediscovering games I've somehow missed. most of them are only $10 on ebay. things like Borderlands which was awesome, or Valkyrie.

    Hi Mark,

    I'm in a slump too - did yours start with ME3? I found myself underwhelmed. The story was OK, but the game play felt so familiar. After that, I started looking through my (MASSIVE) backlog for something that might feel fresh. I came away empty handed. Last time this happened, after completing GTA: San Andreas, I didn't game for four years (with the exception of Zelda: Twilight princess).

    I only ever experience slumps when the trees don't bear much fruit that I'm interested in, so to speak.
    However, with recent release schedules and full-time hours limiting game time, I do not see myself 'slumping' any time soon.
    Too much on the pile.
    It's daunting, but at the same time I enjoy the journey ahead of me.

    Example; I'm only NOW sinking my teeth into Borderlands and I'm loving it. Only at Level 20 (from memory) and I still have the main story + all DLC to chew through.

    It's a meaty task going through ones giant bck-log of titles, but I would much prefer that instead of "Hmmm, there's nothing to play..."
    THAT's a true slump to me.

    Besides, if that ever happens, there's always online SF IV or playing Half-Life 2...AGAIN.
    Bless those games...

    I was in one last week.. but Bastion saved me... awesome little game that one. Picked it up months ago and never played it.

    my last gaming slump occurred mid way through last year and took me all the way to november. we all know what came out in november. anyway it was enough to end the slump and i have had a steady supply of gaming goodness since

    I'm going through a gaming slump right now, actually.
    Any game I try to play, I put away five minutes later.
    Maybe I should jump back into Rayman Origins....

    I'm in somewhat of a slump at the moment I guess. But a weird one. I haven't touched my Wii in months, despite a pile of games sitting next to it. 360 is more or less the same. But my 3DS has hardly been off for the last of those months, mostly due to me being stuck on Resident Evil Revelations. Except stuck in a bad way. I really really really want to move on from it and start playing Shinobi, but I just can't tear myself away, because it's not "done" yet. I beat the game, got up to Abyss level in Raid mode, then ran through the game on Normal to collect the handprints and do the herbless run while I was at it. That was a freakin effort and a half, and I'm still missing two god damn handprints. So now I guess I could try fly through it on Casual, but that still leaves me needing to complete Hell mode. And there's still Raid mode to complete. Then on top of that I just bought Kid Icarus, Pac Man & Galaga and Cave Story.

    In short, I can't bring myself to play any of these games because I don't want to be not playing any of the other games. Buh? :/

    Go back to where it all began and play some classic console games! 2D Sonic and Mario are the way to go.

    Number of people in slumps directly proportional to the quality of the major games released since last October

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