The Jazziest JRPG Battle Music. It's So Jazzy.

Thanks to our resident JRPG columnist Jason Schreier, I have been playing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on my Vita. (When I'm not playing Persona 3 Portable that is.)

Have you played this game? I'm thinking the answer to that may well be "no," but if you're a Vita owner looking to bulk up your PSP JRPG collection (and if you're a Vita owner, you should be doing this), allow me to recommend it. It's a bright, fun game and it has a really funny script thanks to some fantastic localisation by XSEED.

It's also got a monster of a soundtrack. Composed by Hayato Sonoda, Wataru Ishibashi, and Takahide Murayama, the music is at once very jazzy and oddly straightlaced. The chord progressions are often more vanilla than the comparatively lush harmonies you'd hear in a game a Final Fantasy game.

But the TitS soundtrack (sorry, had to call it that at least once in this article) has its own vibe, and it's ac ool one. In particular, I love the battle music, which plays above. Titled "Sophisticated Fight," it's a quasi-latin jazz boogaloo broken up by open, building sections that remind me of nothing so much as Pat Metheny Group.

I was amazed by this version of the song created entirely in Mario Paint, because come on! Who does these things! It's remarkably close to the original version:


Speaking of songs from this game that leave me with a big stupid grin on my face, this one, awesomely titled "Target Vanquished," is another favourite. It's the victory music that plays after each battle, and it is so damned triumphant, I just… the snare drum! The brass! I want this to play every time I walk into my apartment.

And hey, while we're here, here's a fun track by Pat Metheny Group called "First Circle." They're so smooth, but it's some of the most burning smooth jazz ever made. Love this tune.


    Haven't you won Persona 3 Portable by now, Kirk? I started it a few weeks before your articles on it, and had it finished long before then :p

    Ordering Persona 3 FES expansion for ps2 now online. Waiting for Persona 4: Arena, Persona 4: Golden, and the English localisation of Persona 4 anime.

      Play the game before watching the anime. The anime is allright, but pretty crummy compared to the game. Persona 4 is the best game I've ever played, ever, and the anime is allright but it's also not your own experience, so you don't relate to it as much. And after episode 6 the action scenes seem to disappear....

    All while awaiting news from Atlus about the development of Persona 5. And waiting for Ni No Kuni to get a solid release date for early 2013. Few! My year is set out.

      Lachlan, I absolutely agree with you. I had my first taste of Persona late last year with Persona 4 for ps2; I completed about half of the game before my instincts for reasons unknown to me at that time told me to shelve it indefinitely, despite how much I loved it. It wasn't until about two weeks before the moment that Kirk posted his articled on here pertaining to Persona 3 Portable, that I had purchased it myself on the Ps Store, in an attempt to keep myself amused with my new toy, the Vita; as there are hardly any worthy Vita titles currently.

      Since then I've played P3P inside and out, and love it even more than the fourth installment. It's so much more darker and serious, which I can relate to far more efficiently. I find Persona 4 has updated and improved gameplay mechanics and slightly improved battle systems, but the characters in Persona 3 are far more interesting.

      So you can only imagine how pleased I was when I heard that they were bringing back both Persona's 3 & 4 for Persona 4: Arena developed by both Atlus and Arc System Works! I've also played Catherine, an enthrallingly ominous and mysterious tale.

    First Circle! I absolutely adore that tune. I never thought I would come across it on kotaku, it actually made my day. Trying to learn it was quite the nightmare, 22/8 is not the easiest metre to play in. The piano solo is even more spectacular on the original recording. I'm happy now. Thanks for that!

    I can't put P3P down, I've already finished it twice. I've ordered P4 on Ebay and am going to download P3 FES soon. It's taken over my life.

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