The Star Of The Next Call Of Duty Could Be This Machine-Gun Quadcopter

The sun sets every day. And it rises, too. You can depend on things like that. Just like the yellow gas giant we orbit around, you can also depend on a new Call of Duty game coming out this year. No surprise there, right? But what kinds of terrible, death-dealing technology will it feature, you ask?

If you listen to this guy, the military-grade RC toy he blows shit up with is going to be a killstreak in Blacker Ops 2: The Eclipsening or whatever the next big Activision FPS is going to be called. However, this is the same man who broils a family of helpless mannequins and explodes up a buddy's car just for kicks. I wouldn't trust him.

[YouTube — Thanks Twisted Metal 2!]


    You don't know how confused I am ATM. Shoul I cry or laugh at Evan? This is the most fake shit ever, look at 1:22 and 1:34 notice anything about its size and also the muzzle flash.

      Also why would they blow up a prototype and fill it with enough explosive to create an explosion that big?

        also if anyone has ever seen a quad rota fly, they are stupidly stable, 1:45 the thing is moving around like its about to fall out if the sky, you'd have to be doing that on purpose...
        disappointed FPS Russia

    why are what appear to be normal rounds blowing up dumbies with what appears to be a stripped down m4 mounted upside-down under the main body.....

    havent u guys watched fps russia b4? hes on youtube... i dont know how fake it is, but hes always demonstrating real weaponary on dummies.

    did anyone think for a second that maybe just maybe this is like an advertisement or teaser for the next call of duty and what will be in it? FPSrussia was a massive COD fan as far as I can remember and it wouldn't be the first time game makers have used popular youtube channels to hint/tease what is coming up. perfect example freddiew and the battlefield 3 video where they ride in a forklift

      If you look in the bottom left at around 5:05 he has "A big thanks to my friends the makers of the call of duty games for sponsoring this video" in tiny text. I'd say it's pretty much definitely a way for the makers of COD to catch the attention of those who'd been disappointed by MW3.

    I was under the impression FPSRussia hated Call Of Duty, after he destroyed a few copies and whatnot. I'm disappointed, either he has had a big change of mind or he's sold out.

    LAME FAKE> He hates COD but he has let them sell him out with terrible CGI and not to mention badly faked grass movement and debree too.
    I love FPS russia but I am very sad he did this...

    Pretty scary than one day we will be policed by shit like this, and the people controlling it will be disconnected from reality as it's just like a computer game.

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