YouTube Just Made My Childhood Gaming Memories Feel Super Dramatic

When I think about all the games featured in this video, I remember the fun (and sometimes the anguish) I had while playing them.

I never thought about their memories in such a dramatic way until YouTube user RockyPlanetesimal made a montage of the games to the music of "A Wild And Distant Shore" by Michael Nyman.

The video quality isn't always the best, as it seems to be captured by a camera and not an actual capture device. But it's still touching, nostalgic, and somehow manages to tell a story.

In the end, you just have to keep going right. *cue Dory*

Go Right [YouTube via Reddit]


    so much running

      Also, I'd say the fact it was taken with a camera and not a capture device is imperative. Scan lines, shaky, unfocused... it all adds to the drama.

    Which is the game at 43s? It's also the YouTube thumbnail.

    And no, not Cave Story+ which may appear at the start of my link.

      Assault Suits Valken.. released in english-speaking territories as "Cybernator" with appropriately crap western cover-artwork.

        (Not that the Japanese artwork was an untouchable masterpiece or anything... they just made it worse for no discernible reason. Perhaps some licensing or contractual issue was to blame.)

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