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    If your lips said "Adios! I don't like you I think you're gross." Would you be sad or mad?

      What do your eyes say though?

        Don't be silly, eyes can't talk :P

          Eyes tell you a lot. Like when a girl means yes instead of no :P

            Well, my eyes don't say I'm gross. Quite the opposite. Although, that's probably a mixture of truth and good ol' ego/vanity :P

              So your eyes are pretty?

                Depends on if I've been playing games for too long without a break. Bloodshot eyes look more creepy than pretty :P

                  Pfft, you can't play videogames for long. You have stuff to do.

                Stop scaring off the females

                  TRICK QUESTION! Females don't exist on the interwebs.

    Hey Mark, how'd you feel after all that popcorn last night?

    Mark, do you believe the outcry from the general D3 audience was warranted last night? If you were involved with the release schedule, what would you have done differently, if anything?

      Sling around words and phrases like "PC master race" and "entitlement", and then sit back and watch the fireworks.

        As a PC gamer myself, I do believe they're superior to the consoles in many ways. Entitled? Sure, I've spent far more on my rig than on any outdated console, and spend a fair amount on the software too. I think most console gamers feel the same way however.

        I had an hour or so waiting time with the Diablo III release last night, at which point I had a very enjoyable experience. I do feel that the general reception was unjust, albeit to be expected.
        Millions of people clamoring to be a part of it, simultaneously. Did they really think the servers would handle the initial shock?

        Perhaps considering I'm playing predominantly for the social aspect, the always-online doesn't affect me quite as much as it would for the single-player-only types. Different strokes, I guess.

          It's one of those situations where I can see both sides. Sucks that you need it online the whole time for single player, but as you say, what did they expect on release day with that big a fan base, smooth sailing? Stupid decision by blizzard, stupid moaning by the people saying I can't play and I told you so in the same mouthful.

            The one thing that I can think of personally that would have alleviated the server-crushing DDoS was perhaps a staggered release, over various regions. That'd provide a smoother release, sure. Until the audience is brought into the equation. Customers want a fair trial, on par with everyone else, worldwide. Things like this will NEVER go smoothly, as we are unable to accommodate for all parties.

      I'm sure most of the complainers will have forgotten all about it in a week, but I really struggle to get my head around anyone that thinks connection time out errors on a single player game can be ever be justified. Its company loyalty to the point of absurdity.

      While I didn't buy the game due to the very reasons that this issue resulted in.

      I think when a portion of the player base was objecting to the always online DRM that the game contains leading to problems like this and then having it occur right on launch makes it justified.

      Of course aside from patch/maintanence days they'll probably be few instances where this is a major issue again.

      But it's an issue that doesn't need to exist IMO.

    How come nobody wants to play co-op games anymore?

      Or Why dont more games have 4 or more player coop!

        There's plenty of games with co-op. But I've noticed that people tend to avoid because a) It's over a year old, or b) they've already played it and can only play a game once.

          A lot of those games die down after a while due to lack of variety over time. The ones that survive usually update frequently (and for free) like the L4D series.
          In my experiences, you can find plenty of randoms on these games. Obviously though, playing with randoms in co op is not everyone's cup of tea.

            GRAW and Rainbow 6 has some DLC >:

            I always saw co-op games as a thing restricted to your close friends. But mine turned out to be jerks and I never really got a chance to play much co-op games. Everybody else has no interest in playing games when they still need to prestige in CoD. Which is the opposite of me, because I'll join any co-op game regardless of how old it is.

              GRAW 2 had excellent objective based multiplayer co-op! I miss that game.

      I still play Crackdown 2 (I've cleared two islands worth of freaks) and always have random strangers joining me online!

    Do you think retail prices in Australia are dropping?

    I pre-ordered Far Cry 3 from JB yesterday and they're only charging $80 for console.

      The Witcher 2 cost about that much with extra stuff that any other Collectors Edition for a game would have for $120.

        Yeah - but it was $40 on Oz Game Shop...

      Anecdotally I've noticed it as well.

      One games that has really surprised me is Assassin's Creed III CE for $108 on PC from EB, and it has an artbook, statue, various odds and ends and some in-game content. Hell, the console editions are $128, and normally these sorts of CEs are $150+

      I have noticed it too. I think with the rise & rise of the Steam Platform and online game retailers undercutting the exorbitantly high Australian games prices. Whats hard to swallow as an Aussie gamer is that the Australian dollar is at parity with the US yet we still had to pay almost double what they paid (They pay around US$50 we used to pay AUS$99). Good games prices are going in the right direction. I got BF3 within a month of its release for less the AUS$50 with an online store (i wont mention names). So their is a noticable decrease in Australian games prices due largely to high Aussie dollar and Online gaming stores.

      Yes and no. Stock standard regular edition are dropping in price, $80 seems about the average these days. But you may also notice that every game without exception has a limited or collectors or complete edition coming out. These are still usually $120 at launch. You're really gaining nothing considering the collectors addition is usually just some DLC they cut of the game to sell you later.

    Are we going to see more of GTA5 now that Max Payne 3 is out?

    Do you believe in life after love?

      I can feel something inside me say.


          It's funny because I've heard you sing and can now imagine you singing this and really getting into it. :D

    How many people think Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will get really poor reviews from COD players giving CS a go for the first time?
    Nothing against COD players in general (hell, I played a crapload of MW2), but I get the feeling it'll happen.

      Because CS will require you to at least aim at somebody.

        This, and there's no 5 kill streak stealth bomber dog-carpet bomb.

        Specifically, it'll be the difference of "aim and fire" to "aim THEN fire", and proper use of burst fire.

          Heh, burst fire. Bring that up in the Halo forums and you'll get attacked, even if they can't refute your argument.

      Every one who plays a specific game primarily and then goes to another game for the first time is likely to be critical of its play style. This goes for Halo players as well. And 3rd person shooter players when they play first person.

      It just comes down to what suits your style.

        That's true, but I guess I'm expecting COD players to be more...critical...

          It could just be the fact that their are more cod players than other games. So you are more likely to notice the number of dickheads that play it.

    Serrels, what's the plan with UFC 146, are you watching it somewhere? It feels like it's been so long since i seen any UFC at all.

      I love that you keep trying to find new UFC buddies.

        Forget this "Video games" business, more Kotaku people need to get into MMA

    what is the difference between a humanistic, monastic system of belief in which wisdom is sought by means of an apparently nonsensical system of questions and answers....... and a lot of mystic gibberish made up on the spur of the moment?”

      Well, first we must come to terms with whether the initial system of questions and answers is in fact nonsensical, or if it is indeed "apparently" nonsensical.
      Once established, we can further investigate within the confines of the newly discovered parameters. To attempt to find the difference between the aforementioned "apparently" nonsensical system of questions and answers, and that of a lot of mystic gibberish made up on the spur of a moment is irrational and futile.

      And don't get me started on the interpretation of the spur on the heel of the boot of a moment.

    Hi Mark,

    What are you looking forward to most at this years E3?


        Need for speed is soooooooooo boring. Would rather play N64 Superman :op

    Max Payne 3. Have you played it? If so, how's it?

    If not, are the reviews making you want to play it, or making you weep for the future of gaming?

      Why would he weep for the future of gaming? Aren't the reviews good?

        They are to my mind. Just wondering what Mark thinks, based on his expectations for the game.

    Am I the only one who really liked NFS The Run?

      I liked it too. All recent NFS games have been pretty good IMO. Great game if u have surround sound.

      Need for speed: Most Wanted is one of my favourite need for speed games. Criterion's hot pursuit is a close second.

      BTW, this year's need for speed is rumoured to be Most Wanted 2, I can't wait. I hope they keep the rivals format in the singleplayer.

    Mark, how long does it take for you to put together all your various articles? What sort of time frame is it to go from idea to research to writing to posting? Do things like the GAME situation mean that other stories that are almost done get put on the backburner while you focus on that?

    What sequel would you most love to see which probably isn't likely to happen any time soon? Personally I would kill for a Just Cause 3 or a second Saboteur.

    Am I the only person who prefers action movies from the "golden era" (80's/90's) instead of the CGI-fests action movies have become now?

      If you get of your high horse you will see that the action genre has many great titles out even if a few are ridiculously over done, I am looking at you transformers franchise. If you are interested in movies Like Rambo or terminator may i suggest one of the marvel movie franchise films, captain america and the avengers have some great action scenes in them. Or you could just watch all the Rambo movies over and over which is probably pretty okay.

        Or anything by Statham.

        Perhaps look at some of the non Hollywood stuff... 'The Raid' is God-Damned amazing!

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